One Brand FOTD: Etude House

Hello everyone! I got the chance to play around with my makeups today and here's an FOTD featuring Etude House. Most of the products I used are from the Berry Delicious collection, plus a few other products from the said brand; this Berry Delicious makeup tutorial is very simple and I'll show you how to achieve that strawberry tinted eyes and kissed lips.


Berry Delicious Precious Mineral Any Cushion
Berry Delicious Fantastic Color Eyes eyeshadow palette
Berry Delicious Curl Fix Mascara (Black)
Berry Delicious Color in Liquid (RD304)

Review of the entire Berry Delicious collection HERE.

STEP 1: Grab a matte pink-chocolate shade (Hazelnut Chocolate in the palette) and use as base; apply on the lower lid and blend slightly upwards all the way to the line of the above crease.

Next, grab a midtone shimmery brown and use as a veil on top of the matte pink chocolate eyeshadow (Dip! Dip! in the palette).

STEP 2: Grab a hot pink or midtone pink matte or shimmer eyeshadow (Fresh Strawberry in the palette) and apply on the edge of the above crease; make sure the color payoff is not that strong; it should act as an accent only to the brown color.

STEP 5: Grab a lip tint and shade the entire upper lip and just the center portion of the lower lip.

If you're using lipstick, dot some color on the upper and lower lip, and then create a color wash; finish with a colorless lip balm to get the slightly glossy effect.



Etude House Zero Sebum Powder


Hope you like this simple, everyday look!

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. hi Ms. Martha, I wasn't sure if my first post got through. I am an avid reader of your blog for four years now. I was wondering if this is really what it is, no content in your blog post? Just concerned. Thanks! ~Xiaori

  2. Yup. I do love your simple look pero ang ganda pa din. I really love the super cute and girly packaging of Etude House.

  3. Love your flatlays Ms. Martha, kung may etude house lang na malapit dito samin kasi e. Wala din sa SM 😭😭 Matagal ko na gusto mag collect ng sa etude house pero wala. Wala. Wala huhu. 😭 cute cute ng packaging!! Love the final look, perfect for everyday and for morenas. Pwede rin pang school, kasi simpleng simple. Love this review!!! ❤️😘

  4. Ms.Martha upload tutorial please on your YouTube Channel... I really love watching Make up tutorials..Mas na lalo na siguro kung sayo:)

  5. wow another makeup tutorial! (bookmarked) i love how simple this makeup look, can make you look blooming and yes even younger. i really love etude house in terms of packaging and quality.

    i have tried their cleansing creams and it was love at first use, i have also tried their brow mascara and the brow pencil (perfect duo) at very affordable prices.

    sana lahat ng store merong GWP gaya ng sa etude house!

  6. Why can't I see anything? Or is it just my connection? What is it about?

  7. I like it Ms. M! Will try to do your makeup tutorial. I hope it's simple as it sounds. And yes you're right it's good for an everyday look.

  8. This fotd looks refreshing (I always see you sporting matte lippie) and delicious (perhaps because of your lips it looks luscious):D

  9. I have Berry Delicious liptint. <3 perfect for lazy days.. hehe

  10. Thank you for the heads up, girls! Fixed the post already. :D


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