BAG REVIEW: Longchamp Back Pack S Le Pliage Neo + Spot A Fake Longchamp Le Pliage Neo

Longchamp rose to fame again when they acted on the resurgence of the classic purse, the back pack. Taking their signature nylon material, Longchamp whipped up their newest bag styles for this generation, Le Pliage Neo and Origami, the brands take on the classic back pack - it's the much- needed change Longchamp had to do to put them back on everyone's must- have list! I got one for the last holidays because I thought they were perfect for traveling; indeed it is, plus it's a wonderful on-the-go, stylish back pack for ladies!

DISCLAIMER: Please bear in mind that this authentication/review post is intended for this particular style, size, and color only. I do not claim to be an expert on Longchamp bags; all observations are based on personal research and are not in any way approved by the company.

I purchased this bag from Rustans.

Le Pliage Neo is one of the two back packs by Longchamp. It comes in two sizes: Backpack S and Backpack M; they come in solid colors and prints; this particular color I have is Peony and size is Backpack S. The bag has the following features:

- Two external zippers
- Cowhide trimmed leather details
- 2 compartments
- Adjustable straps
- Top handle
- Dimensions: 26x32x12 cm

Material is nylon, Longchamp's signature material for the Le Pliage bags. But compared to the classic Longchamp Le Pliage shoulder bags, this is a thicker, softer, more matte nylon material. It is pretty much water- repellent, but gathers dust fairly easily so you will need to clean this every week, especially if you use it frequently

TIP: Just use a soft cloth dampened with water to remove dust markings.

If your Le Pliage Neo is made with shiny, thin nylon material, something similar to the Le Pliage handbags, beware!

The interior of the bag is lined with a material called jacquard, a semi- shiny, thin material; the tone of the interior lining is similar to the color of the bag. There are also tone-on-tone logos and brand name printed randomly all over the lining.

If your Le Pliage Neo doesn't come with tone-on-tone logo-jacquard interior lining, the logos are crooked or messily placed on the lining, and material feels satin- like, beware!

There is one compartment located inside the bag and placed at the center. The zipper lining runs from end to end on the bag and comes in the same tone of the entire bag. The compartment runs deep, running almost near the bottom of the bag. The zipper pull is silver and has the logo and brand name engraved on it.

If your Le Pliage Neo's inner compartment is located anywhere but the center, zipper lining doesn't run from end of the end, zipper pull comes in a different color or doesn't bear the logo and brand name, and compartment is shallow, beware!

Inside, you'll find two tags: one is a leather tag with the logo and manufacturing origin are heat stamped on it.

The second tag is located underneath the leather tag which contains the serial number, bag code, and care instructions for the bag.

If your Le Pliage Neo doesn't bear any of the featured tags or they're placed separately within the bag, beware!

Here are the straps; not quite sure what material these are, but they feel thick, a bit rope- like, but very flexible and lightweight.

If your Le Pliage Neo doesn't come with these straps, beware!

Here's the second and last compartment located on the exterior of the bag: the zipper lining is thick, zipper pull is long and made from cowhide leather, zipper lining is framed by leather, and a leather tag with a silver brand logo stamped on it dangles on the center of the leather frame. The zipper pull of the main opening of the bag is similar to the pull of the exterior compartment.

If your Le Pliage Neo doesn't have an exterior compartment or the exterior compartment doesn't bear these details, beware!

At the bottom of the bag, you will find the reinforcements of the strap: c- shaped leather tag sewn at the bottom as base for the strap and pin on the center of the leather tag with the logo engraved on the pin.

If your Le Pliage Neo's strap is directly sewn to the bag and the reinforcements don't look anything like the ones in the photo, beware!

Here's the care card of the bag: it has 4 flaps. If your Le Pliage Neo comes with a care card and doesn't come with 4 flaps, beware!

I got this bag because I wanted a bag that's small, lightweight, and won't be too much of a burden to bring when I'm traveling. I've come to love it as an everyday bag too, especially when I'm running errands because it frees my hands and I don't worry too much about it, unlike with my leather bags. 

For a small bag, it can bring a lot, but sometimes, I wish it had more space, (take note, I bring big stuff all the time); for the most part, it's okay and I'm happy with the space it offers. Another thing I love about it is it's pretty easy to clean.

Longchamp Le Pliage Neo is a lady's back pack: it's functional, but feminine and stylish at the same time, perfect for grown- up Millennials like me who want a back pack that's both classy and trendy.

TIP: According to Longchamp, Le Pliage Neo back packs don't come with dust bags!


You might see local online sellers selling this Longchamp bag and calling it Longchamp Neo Backpack. Please be informed that this is a knock- off; Longchamp has never released such style. To date, they only have Le Pliage Neo (the one featured in this post, the only Neo backpack by Longchamp) and Origami. I have been sent this exact bag before (mine just came in a dark green color), but when I sent photos to Longchamp's US website and brought it to an authorized boutique for comparison, both parties confirmed it as a counterfeit. Locally, this knock- off back pack starts at P2,500.00; it's too cheap for a Longchamp back pack; Origami starts at P7,000 and Le Pliage Neo at P14,000 locally.

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  1. This is very helpful Ms. M! Nagkalat na kasi talaga mga fakes ngayon. Some sellers are too honest to claim na its just a replica and some naman is matitigas talaga and claiming that its original. Better talaga na to buy in malls para sure. Tho the price maybe higher, but you can assure naman na what you bought is really authentic. :) BTW, I so love this bag. Actually its my first time to heard that the long champ has a backpack pala. All I know is a shoulder bag eh. Nainlove ako sa kulay and its features. Ang ganda. Di ko pa afford for now, but will surely invest on bags like this! Thanks for sharing Ms. M!

  2. This bag is pricey for me...but I know that you get the quality what you've paid for. Great material and what quality is what you'll get for this bag. This would be a good investment..a keeper for a bag. So it's worth saving for in this bag.

  3. This is really a norm now, every rising brands will always have a counterpart imitation just like anello as of the moment as it is really rising and without checking it thorougly you won't notice it's fake. Imitators get better and better in copying. Haaay.

  4. I'm so sorry i posted my comment in the Ask TBJ section. I get so easily confused.
    First thing, i like anything red! So, that red backback is so appealing to me but i can't afford it but i will not buy a knock-off. I'll rather buy a red bag from another brand that has lower price tag than purchase a knock-off.
    It's great that you posted this and enlightened those who wants to get one of those thinking they will get an authentic.

  5. I love this backpack but its to expensive for me. Hindi afford. Thanks for the detail review of this bag. Alam ko na ang fake at orig. Ang linaw ng cam mo Ms M.

  6. Now i know..thank so much for this info ms martha..

  7. I would love to get a Longchamp bag too although so far, the most expensive bag I have is one from Coach (a gift from my balikbayan Aunt!). Thanks for the tips, Miss M!

  8. Replies
    1. It is with me. If you're expecting to see it, sorry, I don't reveal receipts on blog posts for security purposes. Thanks!

  9. Not affordable one. But syempre sa quality ng bag for sure kahit mahal pa yan go na. This is a big help to know para hindi maisahan ng mga seller.dapat maging aware talaga sa pagpili ng autenticity ng product before buying it. Dami na kasing nagbebenta ng mga kalook alike nyan na medyo pricey din na mapagkkamalan mong authentic. Thank you for sharing this thoughts ms. Martha


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