FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Pretty Greige Lipsticks For Morenas

I hope you're all having a steady Good Friday that's full of good vibes and reflection. Just squeezing in a blog post today and it's from Elaine:

Hi Martha,
Can you recommend a good Greige lipstick for morenas?

 Hi Elaine,

Thanks for the question! Haven't tried enough Greige yet, but my attention is on the shade already; love how tasteful and unique this shade is! Needs some guts to pull off and the right color so you won't look washed out or sickly. So far, here are the Greige shades that look good on my morena skin tone.

- A true Greige shade. This is a pretty unique color, not to mention a bit striking, but I love it!


- I have yet to swatch BYS Velvet Lips Liquid Lipstick collection (I have all the colors!) and this shade caught my eye. I've been wearing it ever since I got it; it's a rosy greige that's fabulous and looks good on my warm skin.

- A taupe Greige shade with a smooth, satin, demi- matte finish. It's proudly Pinoy!

- A more subtle version of OG Ghoulish. I wear this one on normal days and OG Ghoulish when I'm feeling a bit more adventurous.

That's all. Do share with me your favorite greige lipsticks!

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. It's timely for this question because I'm planning to buy a bday gift for my daughter who is turning 20. She also has morena sķin. I think she would love the Wonderwall shade from Nicole Cosmetics perfect for her everyday use. Specially now shhe is loving the nude/pinkish brown shades.

  2. Yay thank you for answering my question :) I will surely try these out!

  3. I think greige can be nominated as the new it shade (crossing my fingers here) I love the shade so much though I only have one that looks perfect for me, that is nyx lingerie in honeymoon. In my opinion, drugstore brands release good greige colors for filipina skin tones.

  4. Thanks for the this post Ms M. Love the shade of Wanderwall.

  5. Im also morena feel ko babagay din ito sa akin. Never thought na pwede pala yung ganyang kulay for lippies. Thanks for this blog nag karoon ako ng idea and will try din soon.

  6. I love the BYS!!! Super ganda ng shade.


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