August 2017 Beauty Favorites + Youtube Video

Hola, chicas! It's fake Friday because tomorrow, it's another holiday. We've had back to back (to back) holidays the last two weeks and on those days, I am just reading up and watching videos on food recipes; my husband has quite an appetite and he came from a family who loves food with a mom who cooks well (gulp! LOL), and I can't be mediocre. Thankfully, my husband is supportive of my cooking and the taste...whatever it is to him LOL. Kidding aside, I can cook. :)

Tomorrow's another day for learning new recipes, but today, it's a day for sharing my favorites for last month!


- A palette with a beautifully coordinated shades matte shades. The green shade is amazing on warm skin tones and the texture of the eyeshadows is a beautiful kind of matte that doesn't stick on the skin and blends out nicely.

- Rekindled the flame with this facial spray that I use for fixing my makeup. Works just as nice as Mac Prep + Prime Fix Spray at a fraction of its cost.

- A lightweight multitasking powder that bakes, highlights, sets, and controls oil. The warm shade of yellow helps counteract ashy and pale foundations too.


- An affordable concealer with excellent coverage and staying power. More raves on a dedicated review blog post.

- An affordable, long- lasting foundation with good shade selection. It's an affordable foundation for those with really oily skin.

Click HERE to watch the video

What were your beauty favorites for the month of August 2017?

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I was about to sleep kaninang madaling araw when I got a notification na bagong video ka Ms.M and I watched it immediately. Hehe. Would love to try Pink Sugar's new foundation. Thanks for sharing! ❤

  2. magaganda! pero d ko mga afford huhu..but thanks for sharing po madam!!

  3. I love them all! pero d ko tlga afford huhu! btw thanks for sharing po!

  4. A lot have raved about the Mario Badescu Facial Spray these past few months. Some say it cures acne and eczema. Two of the things I kinda suffer from :(. The Saem Concealer has been raved too! I cannot wait to try out one for myself soon. The New Pink Sugar foundation is a must try according to some beauty vloggers too! Haaay so many things I want to try huhu thanks for this, Ms. Martha

  5. Thanks for sharing po! I will try The Saem concealer, they say the coverage is great.

  6. off topic, pero you look so stunning! wow.

  7. Gusto ko ma-try yung pink sugar's foundation saka yung Mario Badescu na yan kaso very expensive nyan for me hehe! ^-^ Try ko naman yung The Saem concealer pot pra sa mga acne spots ko. Sna ma-cover haha :)

  8. I wanna try the Pink sugar foundation. I heard alot of good reviews about that. And the Mario Badescu is super 😍😍😍.. they always compare it to Mac but I think Mario is pricey too!

  9. Salamat at naging maayos na ulit internet ko nakapag comment na ko ulit. Gusto ko matry mga pink sugar products saka bys. Sobrang ganda talaga ng KatvonD hahahaha ~ someday πŸ˜… Thanks for sharing your favorites ate martha! 😊

  10. I already watched this video of yours Ms. Martha :)


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