FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: 5 Great Primers for Dry Skin under P1,000

Hey everyone! Hope Friday's treating you right. Before I go on with the rest of work and meetings today, here's an FMF for you from Greta:

Hi Martha,
Please recommend 5 affordable primers for dry skin. Thanks!

Hey Greta!

Gotchu fam. Here are 5 primers that are affordable, but great for dry skin. Enjoy!

- My most favorite primer to date. Skin Liar extends the wear of foundation and controls oil while keeping skin hydrated with moisture- infusing ingredients.

2. BYS FACE PRIMER (P699.00)
GET IT: SM Department stores

- A light cream primer that helps foundation last longer; it has Vitamin E to provide antioxidant benefits plus more moisture and Chamomile extract that soothes redness, which is a common problem for dry skin.

- A soft cream-mousse primer that smooths skin, improves coverage of makeup, and helps makeup last longer; best for combination dry-oily skin because the formula helps control oil without drying out the skin.

- One of the best drugstore primers for me. This light cream dries into a soft matte finish that moderate dry skin can tolerate; prolongs the wear time of makeup without the heaviness!

- Cream primers that smooth skin and helps prolong makeup wear; love that they have color- correcting properties and formula is a silicone-cream hybrid, making it perfect for dry-oily/dry-normal skin types.

That's all and enjoy! Let me know what your faves are. Happy Friday! ;)

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. How about sa oily skin ate Martha? :) Thanks for this!

  2. Bihira ako gumamit ng primer pero mapapagamit ako. :)

  3. I have a Revlon photoready but I don't know if it's a primer as it has in a different container. Woah would check on that hopefully it's a primer so I can use it now hahahahah

  4. Waaah meant for dry skin po pala ung Skin Liar :) I would love to try that po kase nung last order ko sa altheaaaa :) Pero itatry ko pdin po though I have oily skin ms martha :) Super affordable po kase ihhh :)

  5. I'll try these products. Balak kong bumili nung product galing althea korea. :) sobrang love kasi ni Ms. Martha yun..

  6. The Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer is <3 huhu I hope I can still get it for the price it has while it's still on sale. Wouldn't have found out about it if it weren't for you. Thank you so much, Ms. Martha!

  7. sila2 nga! d ko msyado gumagamit ng primer pero i'm started na kaso d ko sya magets masyado hahaha

  8. Nice products ate martha and good for dry skin so thankyousomuch for this review. I will get mine soon namimili ako between revlon and bys! 😊

  9. I have the Revlon and Catrice primers because I read it here duh! And I really wanted to try the Elizavecca though :)

  10. I'm using celeteque photo ready something ganyan yung name ng primer hahaha okay naman po siya ang smooth niya sa skin ☺️ Feeling flawless at nag lalast talaga yung funda. Kapag naubos na yun gusto ko naman itry yung Elizavecca :)


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