15 Rose- Infused Beauty Products For Pretty, Hydrated Skin

Rose is a symbol of beauty and also a source of beauty; Rose oil and water extracts are popular and prized ingredients in skin care due to its bevy of benefits for the skin. For one, Rose extract has vitamin C and other antioxidants that help fight free radicals; it is also famous for its ability to promote deep hydration; it also has antibacterial and anti- inflammatory properties that make it good for sensitive skin and acne- prone skin.

Rose is a favorite scent and flower of mine that's why I am partial to anything with Rose in the ingredients list; I have also experienced the wonders of Rose on my skin that's why I always have to have a Rose- infused skin care product in my current skin care routine.

Here are 15 of my tried, tested, and recommended Rose- infused products, if you want excellent skin hydration and rejuvenation.

- Although I don't really know if there's enough Rose extract in this product to produce rejuvenating, deep hydrating effects, one thing I do know is this lubricates the skin, preps it for makeup, and keeps it moisturized and refreshed, plus the Rose scent is uplifting too.

- A toner/moisturizing water that has a really high concentration of rosewater extract at 90.89%. This product is so hydrating that I sometimes don't follow up with moisturizer anymore when I use a generous amount it.

- A beautiful Rose- scented and infused body care range that provides hydrating and smoothing effects to the skin.

- A low pH cleanser with Rosewater extract that prevents skin from turning taut and dry after use. The low pH formula won't disrupt your skin's natural pH so it will stay healthy.


- A new discovery lately. Bulgarian Rose's Natural Rose Water smells genuine, unlike some Rose water products that are heavily fragranced or mixed with other extracts. Bulgarian Rose Natural Rose Water is pure Rosewater distillate!

- A superbly moisturizing oil yet without the heaviness and greasiness. This face oil soothes, moisturizes, hydrates, and leaves skin refreshed and awake the day after.

- My favorite find from Glossier. This unique, rich jelly cleanser can be used wet or dry, and has high concentration of Rosa Damascena extract that prevents skin from feeling dry after washing.

- A non- drying, soothing soap with a milky rose fragrance; the fragrance helps me relax after a long day!

- An exfoliating mask that leaves skin refreshed and incredibly smooth after use. 

- Estēe Lauder harnesses the vitalizing power of Rose in Nutritious skin care; the light gel cream hydrates without the heaviness and the facial cleanser cleanses gently; this duo gives me vibrant skin!

- A beautiful, light Rose fragrance that even young ladies will love.


- Rose- infused liquid lipsticks that help keep lips hydrated.


- A Rose fragrance for the adventurous and sea lover; this is a refreshing aquatic Rose fragrance!

Photo credit: Neutra Organics Facebook fan page


- A beautifully- scented Rose Water toner that works as a mist, fixing spray, and toner.

- A good counterpart for Mac Prep + Prime Fix+ Spray; this Mario Badescu favorite takes out the powdery look of makeup while providing hydrating and soothing benefits from Rosewater and Aloe.

Tried anything from this list? Share your favorite Rose- infused beauty product!

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hi Ate Martha! Actually yung OLAY SKIN WHITENING BAR WITH ROSE AND MILK ung nasubukan ko palang po sa nasa list nyo, super nice po nya sa skin, super smooth po nya after ko gamitin. :) sana makatry ko papo ung saome of ur lists

  2. Haven't tried any on your list aside from Olay Skin Whitening bar with Rose & Milk. I love it!! I'm eyeing the Mumuso Rose Essence Toner & Mamonde Rose Water Toner. Naalala ko, pinagkompara mo po ung dalawa na yan mrs. M at ang nanalo ay si Mamonde Rose Water toner diba po? :) Thanks for sharing this po madam. Looking forward to try any Rose infused producrs para makapag share din ako ng thoughts about those products po :)

  3. ang gaganda naman ng mga products na yan! I love rose extract sa isang beauty product kasi the smell of it is tlgang nakakakalma at the same time nakakakilig kasi you will really feel the relaxation kapag pinapahid mo sa self mo. SUper sarap!

  4. Thank you po Ms.Martha s mga products n may rose, nkita ko un mga favorite ko at un mga bagong product like ng cool water mern n plng zang rose. Gsto ko matry un mumuso at mamonde at neutra organics cla kc un mga in demand kya nkakacurious tlga xa. Thank you so much po Ms. Martha kc lhat ng mga gstong kong products for revws mern n kau agd po! Petmalu!!!! Lodi!!!

  5. Bakit kaya halos wala ako naamoy na bango kapag sumisinghot ng fresh roses? Pero yun Mamonde Rose Water Toner matagal ko na gusto subukan kasi marami ako nabasa na nagustuhan daw nila yan.

  6. Sa lahat po ng product Olay lang po ang Alam ko, at Olay palang din po na nasusubukan kong gamitin at nagustuhan ko po talaga, kaya naman nag swap ako sa Olay kahit doble ang tinaas nya sa soap na ginagamit ko dati sulit naman po sa ganda ng effect nya sa skin ko.

  7. I have tried the Olay soap already and it smells really nice talaga! Yung Mamonde Rose Water Toner po gusto kong masubukan minsan ☺

  8. I'm really curious about how the ones from Pixi, Mario Badescu, and Glossier will work out for my skin. I love their packaging as well. A very sleek minimalistic approach gets me every time. Also, I think the bar from Olay is a worthy buy since it's easy to get in local groceries and department stores. Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  9. Rose has always been a simple of beauty and femininity. I didn’t know that there are a lot of beauty products that have rose as one of the major ingredients. I’m curious about the PIXI Rose facial oil. I will definitely check it out.

  10. Would love to try and check The Body Shop British Rose Collection! I'm a fan of anything simple and feminine. Have already tried OLAY skin whitening bar with rose and milk, though.And I can say with the relaxing scent, I always look forward to my bath time :)

  11. That is a great list - thanks for sharing! I'm well familiar with the Bulgarian Rose products. Being originally from Bulgaria (one of the biggest producers of Rose Oil), I've used rose-infused skincare consistently and it's done wonders for my sensitive skin. I recently started RosePost Box - a subscription box, focused exclusively on curating rose-infused beauty, all clean and cruelty-free. There are so many amazing rose beauty and skincare products from equally-amazing brands, and we love the discovery.


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