January 2018 Favorites

Time for another round of favorites! Last month, I found myself on a routine and have been using pretty much the same makeup and skin care every single day. Well, it's the start of 2018 and we gotta hustle!


- A long- wearing dip liner that's very pigmented. I also find that it's quite easy to draw a winged eye with this one, thanks to its sturdy felt applicator.

- A versatile concealer that I use not only for concealing, but as an eyeshadow base as wear because this baby is long- wearing!


- A light gel that doubles as a serum and moisturizer. Works great under makeup and keeps skin moist all day!

- A highlighter palette with a beautiful concept; three complementing highlighters in varying shades complement each other to bring you either a natural to dramatic highlight. The highlighter looks great in photos too!

- A surprise discovery. This affordable brow pencil comes with its own spoolie and the eyebrow product itself applies nicely, creating light, hair like strokes.

What are your favorites for the past month?

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Daiso Ms Martha i like too kasi mura :)

  2. I bought the Goodal Green Tangerine Moist Cream last Saturday in Club Clio Lucky China Town because it was on bogo. I was hesitant at first but I remember that you mentioned this certain brand from Clio. I love it on my face and it's so lightweight also, it was on bogo so 920 for two tubs is not bad. As for the Daiso Eyebrow Pencil, not really a fan, I find a hard time using it lol, I don't know maybe I'm not used to using pencil anymore hahaha. I would love to try the colourette Eye Liner though.

  3. Interesting. I really want to try the Daiso eyebrow pen. It will definitely be on my list

  4. Where can i get that colourette products? im really intrigue to try them. Shape tape will be always in my favorites i think the best concealer for me.

  5. Whoa Daiso brow pencil is my HG in my co─║lege days.

  6. Can’t believe that Daiso brow pencil will be included in your list hehe. Haven’t tried any product from your list but I am excited to get hand of the Smashbox Palette

  7. These are such great finds, Ms. Martha! I'm so happy you got affordable steals from brands such as daiso. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Been looking for that Daiso Eyebrow product but I forgot which product in particular. I'll get back with your previous post. :)


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