Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Stick Foundation: Lightweight but heavy duty

I think I may have found the lightest stick foundation everr.

Here's a review on Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Stick Foundation in Y315 Sand.

PRICE: P2,700.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at Make Up For Ever Greenbelt 3 and SM Mega Fashion Hall


One moment, I was feeling the slowness of the new year (happens to me all the time), then the next, it instantly picked and now it's February!

So happy first of February, y'all!

You all know how much I love MAC Full Coverage foundation; it's THE best cream foundation for me and now, there's another one that's sharing my attention and it's Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Stick Foundation. This baby offers the same coverage as MAC's, but it's significantly lighter and easier to blend!

Ultra HD Invisible Stick, just like the rest of the products in the Ultra HD line, is formulated to suit the demands of 4K technology. There are 8 shades available locally.

My shade is Y315 Sand. It is a warm beige with yellow undertone. I am fairly amused that even if I got 2 shades darker after my latest beach trip, this foundation still suited my skin tone.

Texture is a light, smooth cream; it glides easily across the skin and imparts a good dose of coverage. Coverage is medium to full. It is unscented. I love how easy to blend this foundation is.

Bare skin

One layer of the foundation

I only apply one layer across my face to get really good coverage, as in full coverage. I turned up the ring light in this photo, used a black background to emphasize subject, and used my trusty Sony A5000 20.1 megapixel camera to test the HD claim and it lived up to it! I love how it feels so light on the face!

It is not long- wearing, but I find that it survives the day with minimal to no fading, depending on the weather. It has very little oil control, but doesn't induce oiliness either. Another thing to love about this foundation is it doesn't turn crusty on the sides of my nose after a few hours of wear.

I'm wearing this foundation almost everyday because it's so easy to use, doesn't create dry patches on my skin, the moisturizing texture is beneficial to my skin, and again, IT'S.SO.LIGHTWEIGHT! I love this stuff!


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow Ang ganda nga Po nya, naalala ko NG last meet natin ask ka Namin Kung ano Foundation mo Sabi mo Po MAC Kasi habang nag aaply ka superb Po talaga as in nice Yung foundation, ito din Po Ang ganda

  2. This sits so well on your face! I can definitely see and tell. Must say that it's definitely worth the price and the hype. No wonder people are raving!

  3. Yes happy February and it's my Birth month, YAS! As for the Makeup Forever I love the ULtra HD Liquid Foundation so much and I might give this one a shot but which is more lasting in terms of usage is it the liquid type of the stick type? Anyways I love the look you created.

  4. The finish seems real good. I want to try it too!

  5. Seems like a very good foundation! I hope i can try it too! Lahat ng qualities ng gusto kong foundation nasa kanya!

  6. Wow ang ganda ang linis, may glowing effect pa.😍 bet ko ung swatch with 1 eye. 😉 I love your look Ms. Martha!😊

  7. Wow the finish of this funda is to the highest level lol! Anyway I'm wry of ising stick foundation because of my oily skin. How many hours this does last you Ms. M?

  8. Hmm. I've never tried a stick foundation before. This looks so travel-friendly!

    And you look so gorgeous omg

  9. Woaahhh! This has really nice coverage but too expensive for me. Huhu 😭 It's
    nice that it doesn't turn crusty on the sides of your nose coz that has always been my problem.

  10. wow, it's good on your face po ah..not full coverage pero ang smooth po ng face skin mo madam, madali nga ilagay ang gnyan, I like stick foundations, mas bet ko kesa sa liquid foundations. MAC is a great brand!

  11. yes to lightweight foundation!!!! i like to kiss sino naka isip nun!!! coz its the key to beeing poreless and also for your makeup. happy to read this post!

  12. Still as gorgeous as usual Ms. Martha!
    Great coverage, but way too expensive for me :)


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