Anastasia Glow Kit Sun Dipped Review: Good for Filipina skin?

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit Sun Dipped review.

PRICE: Around 70AUD (Approximately P2,800.00)
FROM: Sephora, Melbourne Central Station, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in Sephora boutiques and online


I'm late in the game, but as they say, better late than never! A lot of you, TBJ Beshies, have been asking me about my thoughts on Anastasia Glow Kits; it's one of those products that I've satisfied myself through reading to the point that I almost didn't want to buy it anymore, but hey, I thought it would be a cool birthday gift to myself.

Now here are my thoughts.


Anastasia Glow Kit is a famous highlighter quad that features four gorgeous (and generous) pans of megawatt highlighter; you can build it up or just apply a sheer layer, whichever way you like it. The iconic kit comes in four variants: Sun-Dipped, Moonchild, Aurora, Sweets, Gleam, That Glow, and the Ultimate Glow Kit.


As per Sephora beauty assistant representative, I went for Sun Dipped because the shades are great for warm skin tone.

Product comes in a sturdy cardboard packaging, but Y NO MIRROR, Anastasia???

Here are the shades of Sun-Dipped, as you can see, there are slots on the lower right sides of the pans to allow easy, shatter- free de-potting. How thoughtful, ABH. BTW, did you ever get onto the makeup de-potting trend? I did!

Going back, here are the swatches:

L-R: Summer (champagne pearl); Moonstone (light gold), Tourmaline (pale rose gold), Bronzed (metallic bronze)

I don't have much use for Bronzed because it's too dark for my skin tone and too shimmery for my liking if going to be used as bronzer. My favorites are Tourmaline and Moonstone, most especially the former.

Texture is buttery and rich. Consistency is a creamy powder; one swipe and you get intense pigmentation, whether you use your finger or powder. The powders are unscented.

Me wearing Tourmaline

I always have a hard time showcasing highlighters in photos, but with ABH Glow Kit, no problem!

A little goes a very long way with this highlighter so always tap off excess before applying to get gradual coverage. I must say, it does a wonderful job at giving you photo- worthy strobe, although it has a tendency to look over-the-top in person; that's why you should apply it sparingly and gradually. Staying power is great at 4 hours before I see fading; definitely one of the best long- lasting highlighters I have tried.

Want a dupe for the quality of ABH Glow Kit? Try BYS Highlight!

Is it rave- worthy? Here's my stand; if I probably tried it the moment it was launched, I'd probably be raving about it; but there are a lot of really good highlighters that already came out or were already there in the entry- premium makeup range such as Smashbox Spotlight Pearl, and Pixi Glowy Gossamer to name a few so at this point, I am pleased to have it, but I can do without it. Don't get me wrong, it's overall a great palette and if you have the moolah for it, go ahead and try it.


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love this glow kit upon reading reviews about it! And girl!!! i love the effect on the photo!!! it is rare for a highlighter to show up on photos!

  2. When you heard Anastisia you expect a really good product yes and a pricey too
    But she never fail you to expect a good pigmentation..i love it

  3. that is some serious GLOW love it! anyway, bronzed looked much like an eyeshadow.

  4. I love the Tourmaline shade too. But do you have swatched for the other shades? Hihihi

  5. I agree! Sometimes, I don't buy a certain product when it was released. The reason is that it is hyped and paid reviews are there to "justify" how good it is. I am trying to stay out of the trend and buy it after few months (when the hype is not that high anymore) because that is when I read good and not so bias reviews. Just like when I bought Fenty Foundation just last week :) As for the ANastasia Glow Kit, it is nice but there are really nice highlighters that has the same if not even better effect on skin but I love the moonstone shade!!! <3


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