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Here's a review on Yves Rocher Pure System Line.

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Whether you're dealing with minor or major breakouts or even one to two zits, you will find refuge in Yves Rocher's Pure System line. The kind folks at Yves Rocher introduced me to this line during the grand opening of Yves Rocher's Trinoma branch. They said it's one of their best- sellers. According to YR, their customers love it so much because it acts so fast on zits. Even though I wasn't ready yet to try a whole new brand of skin care, I just went for it because I really wanted to get rid of my zits pronto!

The Pure System line is made with two powerful acne- busting ingredients: Salicylic Acid and Organic Aloe Vera. The former zaps zits, while the latter prevents them from coming back. Indeed, all the products from this line act so fast on zits! I will talk about that in detail when you click READ MORE.


 It is a gel- based cleanser rich in ground apricot shells. It cleanses skin deeply, leaving it squeaky clean. It has a tendency to dry out skin for a bit so after usage, I follow up with moisturizer immediately.

 The thing I like about this cleanser is it exfoliates not only dead skin cells, but zits as well: It creates micro abrasions on them, and makes them easier to pop. I don't have to endure them for one whole week! However, the whole thing is quite gritty to be used as an everyday cleanser so I just use it thrice a week, and I alternate it with a milder cleanser.


 My most favorite product from this line! It's made from clay and infused with Salicylic Acid and Organic Aloe Vera. It imparts a cooling sensation upon application, and it yields a tightening effect that helps relax my facial muscles. It does sting upon application but when the mask starts drying up, the stinging sensation goes away. It goes on tough on fresh zits and I like it that way. It works so well on stubborn zits: These are big, swollen zits that will take a long time before they reveal the white eye. (This contains the pus) When you can see the white eye on your zits, that means they're already safe for popping. I had a stubborn zit when I first used this and after a few minutes, the zit was starting to swell. When I removed the mask, the white eye was almost visible already. After two days, the white eye was already protruding and poof! The pus is out, and healing time got so much faster. Amazing!

 I only use the mask twice a week because it may overdry skin. I also like how it leaves my skin fresh and clean.


 I only received samples of the toner and lotion. (the other tube is a trial version of the daily exfoliating cleanser) Since the mask and cleanser are a bit drying, I like how the toner and lotion's moisturizing consistency helps bring back moisture to the skin.

 TONER- It has an emulsion- like consistency with a light green hue. It imparts a cooling sensation upon application, and removes deep- seated dirt. It feels a bit moisturizing at first, then it starts mattifying my skin after a few seconds. It keeps my face matte, but with a soft texture and hydrated look. It also gets rid of excess oil, and leaves my skin with the right amount of oil it needs to keep it balanced.

 MOISTURIZER- It has a gel-cream consistency. It gets absorbed quickly by the skin, and it does not make it feel dry in spite of the Salicylic Acid content in it. However, I find that it has a tendency to react with powder products. I think the powder binds with the Salicylic Acid and causes it to cake and flake. To solve this, I use a moisturizing primer prior to powder foundation.


 I just think it's quite brilliant of Yves Rocher to throw in a zit concealer that does not only camouflage, but heal as well. With this product, I could finally say that this line is complete! It's nice to know that even my makeup is healing my skin! I think other skin care brands should follow suit and include a zit concealer in their anti-acne lines.

The spot corrector only comes in one size and one shade.

 It's in a mini tube with a slanted tip applicator for easy and hygienic dispensing.

Here's the product: Its shade is peach, and it's great for concealing dark marks. It effectively conceals reddish marks as well due to its opaque consistency. It dries up pretty quickly and into a matte finish. On fresh zits, it imparts a stinging sensation. Be happy with that because that only means your zits are being healed! However, it reacts to silicone primers and soft cream concealers. It cakes underneath and on top of these products, so I steer clear of them whenever I am using this. It works fine with the following: Liquid and powder foundation, moisturizing primers, and hard cream concealers and correctors. Staying power is great!

The only product I'm lacking here is the Pore Clearing Mask. For the Pure System Clear System Spot Killing Patch, please see the review HERE.

The products have this uniform citrus floral scent that is so calming. I've been using the whole line for over two months and I am so pleased with the results. My zits were greatly reduced, it prevents any impending breakout, and the oil on my skin surface was somehow managed. I think the reason why it acts so quickly on any imperfection is because of the high Salicylic Acid content of the products. I recommend it to just about anyone who has acne prone skin, or those who want to get rid of their zits in a snap!

For more information about the products, please visit YVES ROCHER PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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  1. I've always been curious of the yves rocher brand


  2. wow, looks like these are what I need. Super din ako breakout ko nowadays dahil sa stress. Kaya lang sa SM Southmall pa ata Yves Rocher na malapit sakin. Thanks anyway

  3. I love that you really test the products out before making a review about it :) hope you can post some for dry skin! :D

  4. Carmis: Hello there! Please give them a try. You'll love it because all their products are effective and affordable! :D

    Raych: Thanks dear. I'm afraid that may be impossible since I don't have dry skin but if I can, I will! :)

    Jenggay: Awww...They're looking into expansion so let's all wait for the news. :)

    Jenny: true but for very, very good skin care products, it's a small price to pay. :)

  5. hi! i've been reading this review and i'm thinking of switching to the pure system line. right now i'm using garnier pure active scrub as my daily cleanser and the yves rocher clarifying toner and garnier light moisturizer. i've been using that combination of products coz it's what i received when i subscribed in BDJ Box. can the stop blemish lotion of the pure system line also lighten dark spots?


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