Review: Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion in Sand Beige 23

Here’s a review on Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50 PA+++ in Sand Beige 23

PRICE: P1,950.00 (Compact+Refill) P950.00 (Refill)
OTHER LOCATIONS: Laneige stores in the following malls: Shangri-La Plaza Mandaluyong; SM Mall of Asia; Trinoma; Robinson’s Place Midtown Mall; Robinson’s Galleria; Robinson’s Magnolia


Just when I thought I’d never like any BB cream on this planet, here comes Laneige’s Snow BB Soothing Cushion. You know the feeling called Love at First Sight? Yup, that’s what I felt when I tried this thing on. I have said before in my blog that I am not fond of BB creams, but I guess I just haven’t found the right one for me. Ladies, meet my BB Cream soulmate. It is THE perfect BB cream for me.

Allow me to recall why I didn’t like BB creams before. It is because 1.) Quality- wise, they’re just like foundation. Suffice to say, there’s nothing special about them. 2.) They have poor staying power 3.) They make my face oilier than the usual 4.) They’re too white 5.) They’re too pink- toned 6.) They’re too sticky 7.) They will never be at par with the covering and beautifying powers of foundation 8.) They don’t make any significant difference to my skin at all.

But Snow BB Soothing Cushion is the opposite of everything, and it’s a combination of some BB creams that I’ve managed to like.


New-concept Cushion BB for Whitening + Sunscreen + Sweat-proof + Soothing + Makeup Effects
  • Functional Cosmetic : UV Protection , Whitening, For All skin types


Bottom part

 I am so excited for this post so click READ MORE and read the rest of my comprehensive review! :D

Packaging is made from a sturdy kind of plastic with an acrylic- like texture and lightness. It has a separate pan for the sponge and product. Hygiene at its finest.

Sponge pan

 Product compartment

The compact is kinda' fat but I don’t mind because it’s lightweight. This compact is reusable too!

Here’s the sponge. Normally, I don’t like using sponge on liquid bases because almost all sponges absorb liquid, leaving you with blah coverage. But this sponge is very impressive: It seems like it has this ‘bounce technology’ because it spews back the liquid it has absorbed, and it leaves no amount of product wasted. When the liquid comes into contact with this sponge, it absorbs the excess and you get the right amount on your initial application. Should you need more coverage, you just have to press the sponge firmly onto your skin and out comes the excess liquid.

 Add to that, it has a super smooth texture, does not reek of a foul rubbery smell, and the very even surface helps me achieve a more uniform finish. Quite a skillful tool, this is.

The most awaited part: THE PRODUCT! When it comes to coming up with ultra cute and very interesting stuff, you gotta trust the Koreans. (C’mon, I’m sure you’ll all agree when I say that the reason why we buy their stuff is because they’re all oh-so-cute!) This BB cream is poured right into a porous cushion. I think this is just a very innovative way to package BB creams: It’s more handy than those contained in tubes, and is spill- proof. However, leave it exposed to air for a long time and it will evaporate faster than you can imagine. If you have this or you’re going to buy this, remember to always seal the compact when not in use!

Here’s a closer look at the cushion: The holes allow air to penetrate the liquid, thus causing the pigments to break down and deliver a more lightweight and skin- like coverage—It can be likened to the principle behind Airbrush-Foundations-In-A-Can. 

Snow BB Soothing Cushion has a high SPF content, and the air that circulates within the BB cream just causes the SPF's white tint to disperse itself, and prevents it from imparting an obvious white cast to your skin. (For a moment, I sounded like a scientist. LOL!)

The only way to take the product is by pressing your fingers or the sponge on the cushion. When pressed, the BB cream- saturated cushion discharges the product.

The thing that I like about this concept is the cushion always gives me the right quantity. With this product, it is highly unlikely to go overboard with your application.

Here’s a hand swatch of the product: Sand Beige is a medium beige shade with a heavy yellow undertone. Another thing to love: It is yellow- toned. The shade may look a bit light for my skintone, but the yellow tone helps adjust it for a bit to my skin’s color. As you can see, it has an emulsion- like texture and it looks lightweight. It's something you can wear underneath foundation because it's weightless!

Here’s my bare skin. Say hello to my juicy, red zit.

With two layers of the Snow BB Soothing Cushion.

TIP: For sheer coverage, use the sponge. For heavy coverage, use a flat top kabuki brush.

Coverage is light to medium. It can only cover very light discolorations. The cream itself is infused with powder, and it yields a semi-matte finish. Therefore, I recommend it to people with Normal, Combination, and Oily skin. For people with dry skin, you may use this but prep your skin first by applying moisturizer. It has a light floral scent, and is somewhat reminiscent of sunblock. To those who aren’t big on the scent of sunblock, this might turn you off.

Upon application, it looks a bit greasy but after around 3 minutes, it finally looks matte but with a hint of glow. It has evened out my skintone, and gave it a natural- looking radiance. Take note that it doesn’t have glimmers in it- I think the radiant effect is caused by its high quality pigments—the type that diffuses light when it hits your skin and gives you a soft-focus finish. I also find it awesome that despite the high SPF content, it does not look too white on my skin. Well, it still leaves a hint of white tint but it doesn’t look too crazy!

Snow BB Soothing Cushion+ArtDeco Camouflage Cream (For facial marks)+Benefit Hello Flawless Powder Foundation

TIP: When used with liquid foundation, apply a heavier layer of the BB cream to give your skin a 3-dimensional look. Don’t worry, it won’t feel heavy!

I know, it sounds too narcissistic but can I just say that my skin looks so fantastic in this picture?! I am madly in love with the radiant glow that this product emits! This BB cream just gives me a very soft and fresh look. Initially, most BB creams impart a nice glow to your skin, but they disappear if they’re finally covered with makeup. (Bummer, right?) But the glow of this product persists even if I layer makeup on it! Staying power is great: It can control oil for up to 5 hours, and it does not fade. It’s photo- friendly too! Laneige said it has the patented White Plus Renew Complex that promises to brighten skin and lighten dark marks. That's good news for me and bad news for my marks, although I have yet to see how this ingredient works on me. Will get back to everyone on that. I alternate this product with foundation: I use it when the weather is hot or if I'm in a hurry because it only requires minimal blending. I also use it when I want to look not too made up.

The closest BB Cream products I can compare it with are BSkin’s BB Cream w/ SPF 37 PA+++ and Lancome’s GN- Shield UV Expert BB CreamSPF 50 PA+++.

Lancome and Laneige- Impart the same level of luminosity; Have the same lightweight texture; Have the same SPF content; Have the same concealing abilities.

BSkin and Laneige- Have the same undertone; Have the same emulsion- like texture.

The differences are, Laneige has better staying power and oil control, is in a better packaging, and is less concentrated. I get the best of both worlds with Laneige!

And look! If you buy the compact, you get a free refill. Automatically, that’s P950.00 worth of savings already!


Eject the current refill by pressing on the bottom part.

Take your fresh refill and press it gently and firmly onto the base. Make sure you hear a clicking sound, because it means that you’ve inserted the refill correctly and securely into the base.

FINAL TIP: When the top part of the cushion becomes dry, milk this product by flipping the cushion to the other side in order to use the cream that has settled on the bottom part.

So there goes my review. I hope you have enjoyed it. I am head over heels in love with this product, and I will definitely repurchase once I run out. I have never ever thought that this product would meet my expectations and sweep me off my feet, as I never was a fan of BB creams. I don’t want to say I already love every single BB cream in this planet, but rather this is the only BB cream that I love! Incidentally, this is also my first- ever Laneige product. Boy, I never knew they have great stuff, and I also love the fact that the brand is quite classy and minimalistic in terms of design. Dear wallet, looks like we have a new brand-venture!

For more information about this product and the entire Snow BB line, please visit LANEIGE PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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