7 Good Serums to Try in Your 20's

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Do you really need serums as early as your 20's? I say yes because I believe that prevention is better than cure. (Feeling Ms. Universe contestant! LOL) Because your skin may not show signs of aging for now, but eventually it will-we can't stop time, but we still have the choice to age gracefully and beautifully so serums-or concentrated and targeted skin care-are vital to my skin care routine. Also, I think age is not just about the numbers anymore as I know people who look too old for their age. The culprits behind accelerated aging are our lifestyle, environment, and diet, thus people nowadays tend to age faster than expected.

However, don't go on a serum shopping frenzy and try all the latest and modern wrinkle- fighting, youth- giving, highfalutin' anti- aging serums in the market. As with all skin care products, you should only use what you need at every moment. The skin of 20-something gals will more or less showcase mild signs of aging such as unevenness, roughness, dryness, dullness, large pores, very few fine lines and sun spots, weakened skin, and hyperpigmentation due to breakouts. I have collated a small list of mild serums that will repair these mild problems, and every 20-something gals can try without worrying if they're gonna do their skin more harm than good.

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Concern: Large Pores, Brightening, Hydration

- Shu Uemura's Tsuya serum is makes skin look more even, ergo brighter by shrinking pores and infuses your skin with moisture. It has micro shimmers that just disappear once applied on the skin, giving you instant radiance.

Concern: Brightening, Refining

- Got a problem with unevenness and spots? One of my favorite serums, Shiseido's White Lucent, effectively brightens spots in as little as 7 days, thus giving you a clearer complexion. It also refines texture by removing microscopic dead skin cell build- up, resulting to a more translucent skin tone-you don't actually see it removing dead skin cells in action-instead, you'll just feel and see it in the long run.

Concern: Skin Resistance, Nourishment, and Well- Being

- Perricone's, the doctor known for his radical skin care inventions, came up with a groundbreaking product that utilized Glutathione as a skin antioxidant instead of a whitening agent. Glutathione, originally, is an antioxidant-a powerful antioxidant to be exact that's more potent than Vitamin E and C combined. Acyl Glutathione is a serum formulation in cream form, and it improves skin's resilience and ability to protect itself, thus you get more good skin days than bad. :)

Concern: Hydration, Plumping

- A very mild serum made to match your skin's natural oil and water balance. In fact, it doesn't even feel like you have any product on your skin when you apply it. It gives you a brighter, more plumped, and supple skin surface the next morning. 

Concern: Hydration, Regeneration

- This new generation ANR serum for the face is an expert at hydration. According to Estēe Lauder, it works in sync with your skin's internal clock for better cell repair.

Concern: Refining, Re-texturizing, Smoothing, Nourishment

- One fairly affordable serum (for the way it performs) that works really well in restoring your skin's bright and healthy appearance. If used regularly, it helps smooth skin, making it look more transparent and healthier.

Concern: Hydration, Roughness, Suppleness

One of my cool, affordable serum finds. This Emu Oil- based serum is good at refining skin by getting rid of small facial bumps, giving you a smoother complexion. Works well at moisturizing skin too.

Currently using a serum? Share to us why you love/hate it! New to serums? Tell us which of the five serums you'd like to try! :)

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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Tried Tsuya Skin when I had severe acne and it made it worse, this just reminded me I should try it out again.

    I really want to try the new ANR but it's just so expensive.

  2. Not currently using any serums but i would love to try the clarins and estee lauder! :)

  3. I would love to try the absynthe pure intention since it is way cheaper than the other and I heard so much about their products. I like how my skin feels after applying serum.

  4. Would you know of any online shops in the Phils. that sell these? I live far from Manila, and we don't have high-end stores here. thanks.

  5. I'm already in my late 20's and haven't used any serum yet on my face. I already see spots and the occasional breakout. I have a lot of issues with my skin right now haha.

    Is there a miracle serum which can address all of the skin's issues like acne, sunspots, uneven skintone, dry patches etc.?

    Thanks :)

  6. I would love to try the spot from shiseido . :) and estee lauder

  7. Have you tried Celeteque's? Super affordable and super effective :)

  8. on my previous blog hubbyluvzhummy (deleted) ive been scammed with those who is affiliated with perricone md, kaya di ko sila makakalimutan, they said they'll sponsor my giveaway, many joined my giveaway only to find out na di naman pala totoo.. that left bad image para sakin, ive tried night cream and day cream from clarins, and i could say theyre great products too =) on my next to try: shiseido =) white lucent intensive spot targeting serum =) from this recommendation list, i would like to try the absynthe pure intention serum because it could fit my budget. where to buy?

  9. I don't use any serum currently but I'd love to try Shiseido's!

  10. Most 20 something women won't be able to afford these...

  11. Tropic: Oh! Sorry to hear about that. :( Maybe the micro shimmers kinda' blocked your pores. :/

    Anne_22: Same! I'm saving up for it again. :)

    Rhain: Hmmm..methinks that's a scam website. :( Sorry to hear about that. You can visit Absynthe Bath and Beauty on Facebook. :)

    Beauty By Tellie: Hi Tellie! No, I haven't. :( I can only use facial foams from drugstore skin care brands-I don't know why, but I break out from the creams, moisturizers, and sunblocks. :(

    Stephanie: Great choice! :)

    Ravene: I don't believe that there's one miracle product that can address everything-it may promise you that, but they can only work at a certain extent. You still have to combine and use targeted products to help you with your skin concerns. :)

    Cynthia: Same! I'm loving how hydrated my face is after using a serum. :)

    Mary Chua: Great choice! :)

    Anonymous: Hi there! :) Unfortunately, no, I don't know any online store that sells these products. :( Absynthe Bath and Beauty is the only one that has an online store. You can check them out on Facebook. :)

    Anonymous: Hi there! I understand your concern, but I don't want to recommend something that I haven't used just because they're affordable. I have one though, and that's Absynthe. I can only guarantee that with these products, you'll get your money's worth. :)

  12. Is serums really that expensive? :) I want to use as early as now, so im on the look out of a more affordable one. i can't afford serums like this. But if I were richer, I will definitely buy one of this. :D

  13. My friend uses Kiehl's MRC. And I have to say, it's really MIRACULOUS. I've seen how her skin transformed from acne-prone, to smooth and glowing! It's almost unbelievable :)

  14. Angel: One of my fave serums, I must say. This reminds me, I should go back to it soon. :)

  15. Great post! I'm trying to start a new skincare regime these days and I'm looking for a good serum. Celeteque just recently came out with a serum? Do you have any thoughts on this product? Thanks!

  16. Monica: Hi Monica! Glad you liked this. :) Will try to get hold of that product. :)