FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: 5 Best Non-Drying Facial Cleansers

Oh hey, it's Friday once again and it's time for FMF! Our query for today is from Jessy. :)

Dear Ms. Martha,
Commuting is unavoidable for me (whether it's going to school or taking the Ikot and Toki jeeps around UP--hehe I know you can relate!), and every time I arrive in school, I immediately want to wash my face because ugh pollution is awful. But I have very dry skin and I can't seem to find a good, affordable, everyday facial cleanser for my skin type. If it's not too much trouble, I'd like to ask your recommendation for a good moisturizing facial cleanser.
Thank you for your time! 
Your avid follower,

Hey Jessy!

Yes! I do know you as I see your comments on my blog posts (thank you!).

I see you're an Iska too. I totally feel you on that Toki-Ikot part-I love UP, but all that commuting from one building to the other really made my face greasy and dirty as hell, just like you. :p

As for your question, always go for a facial cleanser with a creamy consistency or anything with oil extracts in it as long as you don't have sensitive or hyper reactive skin-these products will leave a moisturizing mantle on your skin after rinsing so it won't feel tight, dry, and irritated.

Now for my recommendations, here they are:

- Cooling and moisturizing, this favorite of mine acts as a makeup remover and facial cleanser. It's also low foam so no need to worry about excessive suds drying out your skin even further.

- Did you mention affordable? Look no further and grab Céleteque's Hydration Facial Wash. It's in a non-clogging gel form and it really leaves skin bouncy and fresh!

See the other three after the cut!

- This frothy facial foam is so pleasing to use and leaves your skin very clean, but soft.


- If you've got extra sensitive skin, Cetaphil should be your go-to! This cult favorite works on just about any skin type and keeps the epidermal surface hydrated.


- On colder months or if your skin needs extra moisture, Physiogel would be a great choice because it's specifically formulated for dry, easily irritated skin.

Hope this list helps! :)

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'm a former Iska too! I can really relate. Either you take a jeep, or walk. Haha. So much dust, dirt, and heat. I have combi skin so I really can't give suggestions. I didn't know canmake has facial wash ha. :) I've tried Celeteque, cetaphil, and physiogel. And they're really good, and not harsh on the skin. I like cetaphil the most. :)

  2. from the list above.. ive been loving celeteque.. it was mild on skin and more affordable than ponds =)

    i use cetaphil for my baby

  3. i've become more intrigued by philosophy's purity facial cleanser, i think i'm a pass by the mall and check this out this weekend, thanks for your inputs

  4. Haven't tried Cetaphil but I read good reviews about that. :) I suggest you also try Neutrogena oil-free facial wash. That's what I use and I use eskinol toner to make my face super oil-free. :)

  5. Thank you so much for answering my query, Ms. Martha! I'm so happy that I finally got some great local recommendations. Out of the list, I think I want to try out the Canmake one. I'm a sucker for adorable packaging plus I love Japanese products! <3 Thank you again and more power to you and your blog! :)

  6. Etude house tea time range is good and affordable too :) (and smells divine!)


    xx Join my ongoing giveaway. Ends tomorrow! xx

  7. I would like to add Human Heart Nature's Balancing Facial Wash to the list. I used to not care about "organic" stuff but since my skin has started acting out with the products I used to use, I tried it. It's perfect for my combination dry-oily skin! It doesn't dry out the dry parts and keeps the oil at bay, too. :)

  8. I somehow can relate because I have language classes at UP during weekends. I came from Malate and I ride all kinds of transpo going to UPD. I don't wear makeup and wash first when I arrive. I'm a Himalaya neem gel user and I love it. Sometimes when I open my eyes to reach for something while washing my face ( bad habit) the gel does not hurt my eyes at all. I have only tried Physiogel on your list. I use it when my skin has rashes, irritation or when the weather's cold.

  9. I use the Hydration Facial Wash. It is really moisturizing and soft to the skin. Though it has "this" smell, for me it is tolerable and more acceptable than putting strong fragrance. I use this after I put a mask or facial scrub. It is really a good recommendation. :)

  10. I've got oily skin and my HG non drying, non foaming facial wash is the body shop's tea tree cool and creamy wash. :)

  11. Jai" Hi there and thanks for visiting and or sharing your favorite! :D

    Eiss: Hello! I agree! That product feels so nice to the skin too. :)

    Michelle: Thanks for sharing! :D I'm trying out Himalaya Herbals' Neem range too and it's good so far. :)

    Ria: Thanks for sharing! :D

    Nakedtruth24: Noted! :D

    Mica: Oh yes! That used to be one of my favorite facial cleansers too-it's affordable and it works! :D

    Itsmefati: You're welcome. Enjoy! :D

    Julienne: You're welcome! :D

    Rhain: thanks for sharing! :D

    Abegaill: Cetaphil for the win! I find myself using this when I'm having a major breakout because it does not aggravate my skin. :)


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