FOTD: Metals On Metals + Tip When Combining Metal Shades

For the past few months, I've been an eyeshadow creature because of work; I always gotta look my best both for meeting Clients, old and new, and when handling events (#IWorkInPR). Lately, I've been keen on metals and this is one of the looks I came up with. I used to avoid combining metals with metals for fear of looking like I have metal shrapnels on my eyes, but I found out the key is to wear metals in complementing colors and as much as possible, from one shade family only to combat the all too shiny look. Eureka! Sharing a quick tutorial of this eye makeup look with you today!

For my eyes, I chose the shade family of Neutrals; it's always the easiest to work with and at the same time, the most flattering for my skin tone.

STEP 1: Choose a metallic shade for your lower lids; it could be gold, champagne, or silver, depending on what you feel like wearing.

STEP 2: Choose a midtone color for your above crease such as beige, taupe, tan, or gray.

STEP 3: Choose a darker shade for your outer crease such as chocolate brown, charcoal, or black.

STEP 4: Apply mascara and eyeliner as usual. For my lower lids, I used a Dark Brown eye pencil to line my eyes and then followed with a chocolate brown eyeshadow on the outer to middle portion of the lower lash line and then a pale gold eyeshadow on the middle to inner portion of the same area.

STEP 5: Use a highlighting color (other than the one you used on your lower lids for distinction, but still complements your color choices) on your tear duct folds to lift the eyes.



Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Corrector (Peach) and Concealer (Natural)
Kryolan Anti-Shine Powder
POP Beauty Contour Kit


LA Splash Lip Couture (Till Midnight)

I hope you like this look and you learned something new today! :)

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19 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow! What an amazing look Ms.Martha and it's to wear from daytime to night time. I'm gonna practice this one on my metal looking palettes.

  2. I find more beautiful in metallic is the champagne shade:D Your look here is so appealing with that turtle neck top.

  3. Great tutorial! I'm not too keen on using metallic eyeshadow because I don't know how to make it work, but now I have a guide :)

  4. Great tutorial! :) I'm not too keen on using metallic eyeshadow because I don't know how to make it work, but now I have a guide!

  5. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. Actually, I do like it and find it prettier because the little girl in me loves glitters and shimmers(^.^) What I find admirable also is how this eye makeup is perfectly great looking with that lip shade you wear. For me,that's very hard to do. You look wonderful(^.^)

  6. Ganda ng tutorial.. May natutunan na naman ako

  7. Same here, I'm afraid to use metallic colors all at the same time for fear that it may look too over the top. Thanks for the guide!

  8. yey!! been looking for a tutorial for metallic eye shadows, perfect guide not to intense this look just brightens up the eye so nice! Its time for me to play with golds and silvers! Looking forward for your simple smoky eye look! hehe :)

  9. Oh yes, I definitely liked it! My brother gave me a holiday palette from Sephora for Christmas and they're all metallic! I tried following the instructions on the palette but I just can't seem to make it work, my eyes look muddy.
    I have to try your technique! I think I can follow yours better because you have pictures. :)

  10. I love metallic finishes before but now I'm into matte!

  11. Hello to those eyebrows that i admire! How i wish i'm good at blending all those colors seamlessly just like you do! I need to remember this post. I might need it when i finally have the courage to try metallic eyeshadows.

  12. I hope you will make another video tutorials for makeups. Please. I've been looking forward to watch you again. :)

  13. That's amazing. I've never tried mixing metals. If ever I use one, I only use a single shade. :) Will try this next time

  14. Thank you for this tutorial! Informative and ang daling sundan :)

  15. Hi Martha! I hope you can post a video tutorial of this look! :) I think we have the same eye shape and I liked the way you put them on. I also have hooded eyes and the problem with it is that, the moment we open our eyes, most of the eye shadow you've blended is hidden...pffft!!! :)


  16. I love how your tutorials are so beginner-friendly Ms. Martha! So excited to try this :)

  17. Bookmarked =)

    My kind of Eyemakeup.. superb! thank you for another tutorial ms m!


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