FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: My DIY Beauty Recipes and Hacks in the Kitchen

Whew, now that's what I call a stormy Friday! I could be on house arrest the whole day because our area gets flooded ever so easily; I pray that the rain will subside later so I can proceed with my end of the week errands for work. I also hope you're all safe and dry, wherever you are!

Our FMF for today is from Jennifer:

Hi Ms. M!
Since I'm a full time mom, most of the time I'm in the kitchen, cooking. I'm just wondering if you can share with us some beauty hacks that we can find in our own kitchen?

 Hi Jennifer!

Lovely question! I haven't had the time to experiment in my kitchen and come up with new beauty discoveries due to work - I actually miss it and I do hope to get the time soon (Hey! Maybe this storm is a blessing!).

Going back to your question, I've blogged about my personal beauty hacks and DIY recipes before and I'm just compiling it here; for the recipes, these are personal, but I don't claim ownership to these; who knows? Someone must have done these already, but I made and discovered these from scratch. Here they are!

- If your feet are tired, weary, and particularly dry and cracking, time for a hydrating foot scrub.

FROM YOUR KITCHEN: Muscovado sugar, Olive oil, and rolled oats
FROM YOUR DRESSER: Gel/Petroleum Jelly

- If you ran out of body scrub, you want to repurpose old body butters, or you want an energizing boost from your body scrub, try my Coffee Scrub recipe; it's non- sticky and won't attract ants!

FROM YOUR KITCHEN: Ground coffee
FROM YOUR DRESSER: Old body butter/emollient lotion

- If you have dry lips, you need a lip scrub and you need to exfoliate at least twice a week for better lipstick payoff. Check out my affordable, accessible DIY recipe.

FROM YOUR KITCHEN: Sugar and Honey
FROM YOUR DRESSER: Petroleum Jelly

- This is a fave and timeless beauty hack of mine; save yourself from purchasing expensive anti-bacterial brush shampoos and go for Joy Dishwashing Liquid instead; it has antibacterial properties and at the same time, breaks down hardened foundation effectively. Totally a brush saver!

That's all! Care to share your beauty hacks and DIY recipes?

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20 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I find these very helpful! I'll try the foot scrub because my feet are in need of attention. My favorite kitchen DIY is a hair mask made with eggs, honey, olive oil, and bunch of other optional essential oils. This is really hydrating for the hair, it's great for every hair type. One time I had a really bad haircut and the ends of my hair were flying away in every direction and the ends were really dry, almost walis-like in texture. After leaving this mask on for an hour, the ends of my hair felt healthier and the frizzy portions were also tamed. :) It's great for deep conditioning a few times a month! These kinds of hacks definitely re-affirm that the kitchen is probably my favorite part of the house. =)))

    1. Thanks for sharing. I tried egg for the hair, but I found it a lil' greasy hehe. :P

  2. Haha natry ko na yang Joy pang linis ng brushes ko, natawa ako. Akala ko ako lang gumagawa non, and medyo weird. Marami namang brush cleaner jan, bakit joy gagamitin ko. Reason... Palagi ko nakakalimutan bumili ng Brush shampoo. And that time i really need to clean my brushes na kasi super dugyot na. Nag kakaron na rin ako ng pula pula sa bandang noo.,, idk ano. So i've decided to use JOY!!! Haha surprisingly, it works well naman. Nalinis and back to normal mga brush ko parang bago lol.. And share ko lang Ms. Martha. Yung rice scooper na may bilog bilog... Yun ginagamit kong pang linis ng Brushes ko hahahaha. Kasi katulad sya sa mga brush cleaner e. And nakita ko din somewhere sa ig na pwede nga yon. Tipid pa diba? 😂

    1. Yes. I learned the Joy technique from a PRO makeup artist. It's very practical!

  3. I've been using dishwashing liquid from Daiso and it works too. As for drying my makeup brushes, I taped the handle and hang dry them with clothes pin.

  4. I want to try something like this as well but first of my goal was to have a milk bath first just like cleopatra hihihi when I have so much money to be able to use milk as bath than to drink it hahaha right now I am gonna drink it first to gain weight and by the time I can afford to use it as a milk I'll be able to experiment it along with other products from our home for more desirable results. Yey!!! And yes it's okay if it rains like this but please no more tragic events.

  5. I'm ashamed that I got hungry after reading this. HAHA

    Awesome DIYs though!

  6. This is nice DIY Beauty Hacks inside the House ha. I'm using my baby's shampoo for cleaning my brushes. Gonna try Joy instead mas mura pa.

    1. I sometimes use sunsilk for my makeup brushes with real hair to keep 'em soft. :)

  7. This is goood! I thought you'll sharing a food na hahaha. Anyways, can you do a blog sometimes na Food naman ang topic? Like kung anong favorite dish na you always cooked or anything. Weather nowadays makes my tummy really really hungry.

  8. I will try Joy next time. Haha bumili pa ako ng brush cleaner sa Daiso. Pero usually ginagamit ko shampoo for cleaning my brushes.. Diy --Baby oil gamit ko pang remove ng make up

  9. I'm so happy reading this FMF Ms. M! Can't wait to try your Hydrating Foot Scrub and Coffee Body Scrub. Thanks also for the tip of using Joy Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid as brush cleaners. Atleast Hindi na ako sisitahin ng anak ko na inuubos ko daw Baby Shampoo Nya. Hehehe! Thanks again Ms. M and happy weekends! Stay safe and dry.😊😊😊

  10. I'm also a stay home mom and this topic is really interesting for me.
    I will try the Joy thing 😊
    Thanks for sharing your DIY beauty recipe and hacks that can be found in the kitchen.

  11. Thank you for sharing those beauty hacks.. will surely try the coffee and joy recipes :)
    I will share also these hacks:
    Onion, Malunggay and used tea bag extracts for hair growth
    Baking powder with warm water for blackheads removal


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