FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: My recommended Drugstore Foundations under P1,000

Today is Rizal Day and just a lovely suggestion for reflection (just so apt because the year's about to end already): reflect on who are the heroes of your life and say a simple "Thank you" or "I love you" to them. Also, do one hero act for the day like cook for your folks, treat your siblings to dinner, clean the car, or just even pray for someone. What feel- good activities, right? :)

For our last Fan Mail Friday for the year (OMG!!!), Amira's asking for my suggested drugstore foundations; these are randomly selected and don't concentrate on one skin type alone:

Can you make a review on any affordable drugstore foundation that you personally, highly recommend?

Hi Amira!

Thanks for the question! Won't beat around the bush any longer, here are my recommended drugstore foundations.

Great For: Normal/Dry skin
Price: P875.00

- This convenient compact is perfect for travel because it combines a foundation and powder in one handy product.

Great For: Normal/Combination Oily-Normal skin
Price: P600.00

- A foundation that conceals and corrects, plus dries into a semi- powdery finish so minimal setting is needed.

Great For: Oily skin
Price: P499.00

An affordable foundation that helps keep oil at bay and provides full coverage.

Great For: Normal/Combination Oily- Normal/Oily skin
Price: P925.00

This primer- infused foundation helps keep the pigments intact.

Great for: all skin types

It's not necessarily foundation, but its medium coverage makes me count it as one. It's lightweight plus has good staying power too.

Great For: all skin types

A lightweight foundation for those who need minimal coverage; the oil- free, lightweight formula makes it great for those who are always outdoors or commuting.

Great For: Normal/Combination Oily-Normal

An affordable powder foundation with good coverage and stays for hours.

Great For: Oily skin/Combination oily-normal
Price: Foundation- P700.00; Powder- P600.00

L'Oreal Infallible is the best line to hit the shores this year because of its good coverage, impressive staying power, Filipina- friendly shades, and lightweight feel.

Great For: Dry/Oily/Combination oily- normal skin
Price: P975.00

A rich, full- coverage foundation with incredible staying power.

Great For: Normal/Dry skin
Price: Powder and Foundation- P899.00

Provides light to medium, soothing coverage that doesn't make skin feel dry.

Great For: all skin types
Price: P899.00

A makeup artist's secret, True Match is a great everyday foundation that provides just the right coverage, feels like skin, and has good staying power.

Great For: Combination oily-normal/Oily skin
Price: P499.00

A mattifying powder with pore- loving extracts that help combat clogged pores.

Great for: Oily/Combination oily-normal skin
Price: P299.00

An affordable powder foundation that keeps oil at bay and provides a fresh look for hours.

That's all! Let me know your favorite drugstore foundations below P1000!

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'm currently loving Loreal True Match powder foundation because it doesn't cake on me, and provides good oil control. What I want to try next is their Infallible liquid foundation or the Max Factor Face Finity. :D Happy New Year, Ms. Martha!

  2. Thanks for this post Ms. Martha. Ang dameng chooses ng L'Oreal ah. I like to try Sleek Base Duo Fit and L'Oreal Infallible line if ever maubos ung ginagamit ko. Happy New Year Ms. Martha and God Bless mwuah

  3. Sad that Maybelline White Superfresh doesn't work for me, or maybe because my face is too oily for it to handle.

  4. Oh my. Thank you thank you for the recommendations!!! I'm out of foundation and after seeing this post, I convinced myself na that I will buy Maybelline dream velvet foundation! Swak na swak sa budget and heard a lot of reviews about it too! Yey. Thanks, Ms. M! Great affordable concealer naman next please :)

  5. Hooray for this post! I am running out of foundation and have been debating using the GCs I got for Christmas to get another Loreal True Match Liquid Foundation or Maybelline's Dream Velvet one. Since they're on sale until tomorrow, might as well hoard 'em both plus the Infallible seeing they're high up on your list! Lol! Happy New Year!

  6. Been using L'oreal Infallible set and it is the BOMB! Can literally handle my oily skin and never cakes on me. So glad it is included in your list. ☺

  7. So happy for this blog post ms. Martha , super Dami paLang affordable and effective makeup :)

  8. Wow it's a lot. I never thought that these brands are under 1000. All branded. I love it so much.

  9. Wow! Nasagot yung tanong ni Miss Amira. So Max Factor is for me I guess. Salamat Miss Martha. 😘

  10. But I think I also wanna try the one from Pink Sugar. 😁

  11. I've tried Pink Sugar's BB cream and it does work on my combination/ oily skin. Right now I'm using Maybelline Dream Velvet and will look into purchasing Loreal true Match Genius. Thanks for these tips Miss M!

  12. I'm currently using Pink Sugar's and Maybelline's Dream Velvet Matte is the next one that I'd like to purchase since I saw your review about it. I'm amazed of it's good coverage and it's price point.

  13. I want to try the Maybelline Dream Velvet or the Loreal Infallible 16HR..coz I do have oily skin. I don't want to buy one kasi I don't wear makeup everyday..I'm a stay at home mom. Though I have one Maybelline Dream's okay. And the Loreal Mat Magique which is my go-to always. Bought it while it was on sale..tas may back up pa na refill..hehe! Anyways, Thanks Ms. Martha..I'm going to save for either foundation that I like.

  14. Hayst so many options to choose from. I'm not really a foundie kind of person. I just use BB cream from Tonymoly. But would like to consider between L'Oreal Infallible and Truematch. Thank you for the tips Ms. M! Happy New Year! =)

  15. Wow, L'Oreal Infallible and Sleek. Awesome blog post. Thanks for the suggestion Ms Martha

  16. Ang daming option Pero parang mas type ko yung L'Oréal

  17. I'd also be very interested to know more about drugstore foundation you don't like :)


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