FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: My favorite highlighters

Wedding gown hunting again today because my first choice was bad at customer service. :/ Can't imagine how they'll deliver on my wedding day and I don't want to find out!

But I won't end this day on a bad note; here's a happy ender to your week on my blog, an FMF by Ana and she's asking about highlighters or what I call my "happiness- inducing makeups" because really, they make you look bright and happy!

Hi Ms. Martha,
What are your favorite highlighters, both affordable and high end?

Hey Ana!

Thanks for the question! Will cut to the chase, here's a list of my favorite affordable and high- end highlighters that I use on rotation:

- My favorite when I want to sport a fashionable glow; the slightly obvious shimmer in the powder makes it great for night time.

- A famous drugstore highlighter! This is my go- to for everyday, natural strobing!

- Sin is a fabulous light gold highlighter; it looks gold on the skin, but isn't the tacky kind. Perfect for avant garde looks!

- For the serious strober and lover of highlighters, Sleek's famous highlighting palettes is a must- have; it contains cream and powder highlighters for long- wearing and subtle or dramatic highlight. Cleopatra's Kiss is perfect for morenas!

- An easy to use champagne cream to powder highlighter that can be used anytime, anywhere; its texture is perfect for strobing newbies!

- If you fancy that golden beach glow, Sun Beam is the answer!

Hope you like this list! What are your favorite highlighters?

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Among those I would love to try the Essence Pure Nude..as you say its good for an everyday glow, plus its available at SM Dept. Store..easy to find

  2. I am not really into highligters but I think I would go for contours just in case hahaha

  3. Anyone here that also screams when you see highlighters? hihi. A great highlighter can perk up your complexion, accentuate the features you love, and even camouflage aging skin, its my secret weapon for an instant beauty fix and dewy glow in my skin! My current favorite highlighter is the so strobing pen from banila co. This is the first strobing pen i ever owned. And i super love the packaging. So sleek and classy. Easy to travel with. The application of this is so easy and made my cheekbones glowy and healthy. And did not make any harsh lines. I love using this for my browbone and bridge of my nose. It even reaches the corners of my eyes! Will try the catrice next, I was captured by your review about this yesterday. Yay!

  4. They are all gorgeous! Thanks for sharing Ms.Martha. ❤️

  5. I'm using sleek. Curious ako sa performance in essence highlighter

  6. Strobing video tutorial please! I want Essence Pure Nude too! They say it's always out of stock.

  7. If ever I will try to used highlighter, I will buy Essence Pure Nude because as you said, its affordable and can be worn even everyday.

  8. Ohhh i have those sleek highlighter blush. So feminine.

  9. Ohhh i have those pink sugar sweet check highlighter blush. So feminine.

  10. Pink Sugar HD Cheeks, FTW! I have one although it took me an eon before I used it coz I thought oily/shiny skin need no highlighter. I used to have a Revlon highlighter kaso nabasag lang sa pouch ko.


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