Shiseido Makeup Technique: Maximum Skin Coverage

I mentioned this in the Shiseido must- try list post I wrote yesterday:

If you need downright serious coverage, use Shiseido's Powder Foundation in conjunction with any of their liquid/cream foundation and you'll get flawless, second skin in a snap.

This is a very good base makeup technique I've learned from the fab makeup artists at Shiseido-it's so nice that I've included it in my own makeup routine. I find that even if I don't apply concealer on my marks, I still manage to keep them out of sight temporarily and it shortcuts my makeup preparation.

I thought of sharing a visual guide of this base technique to everyone-this is also a good way to utilize your Shiseido base products. You can use this technique with non-Shiseido products as well.

For this tutorial, I will use Shiseido Radiant Lifting Foundation in Deep Ochre O80 and Shiseido Perfect Smoothing Foundation in Ochre O80. FYI, almost all of Shiseido's foundation products carry the same shades-you don't have to guess anymore whether you'll find a match in another foundation variant or not!

As for the brushes, I prefer using my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush with the liquid foundation, and Chic Cosmetics Flat Top Kabuki and Charm Small Powder Brush (From the Travel Pro V3 Kit) with the powder foundation. If you don't have the RT brush, a traditional or any foundation brush will do-it's also okay if you don't have a flat top brush, but make sure you have a powder brush.

TIP: Want affordable flat top brushes? Go to Landmark and look for the Artist Studio brushes!

Click READ MORE and see the technique!

So here are my post- acne marks. Please take note that I will not use under eye and face concealers in this tutorial-just two Shiseido products so you could see how fab this technique is.

STEP 1: Start with a clean canvas. (This is obviously imperative!) Apply Shiseido Radiant Lifting Foundation (or any foundation of your choice) evenly onto your skin, concentrating on the areas that need maximum concealing. Allow the foundation to settle for about a minute or two before applying powder foundation.

CHECKPOINT: The Radiant Lifting Foundation, on its own, is good enough to cover post acne marks! However, this wasn't the case when my marks were REALLY dark and fresh. (Thank God for Brightening Serums!) If you're still suffering from this problem or you just want a picture- perfect complexion, read on.

Now here's the ultimate difference maker: Shiseido Powder Foundation. On it's own, it can cover marks well, but if used with a liquid face base, it becomes a miracle product. Personally, I prefer using a flat top brush with it, especially in this technique as it allows me to apply a more concentrated coverage on my marks easily. As with powder brushes, sweep it on the pan and layer the powder foundation on your skin, especially on the parts with marks.

STEP 2: Remember this beat: DAB, DAB, DAB. Dab the flat top brush on the powder foundation, and do the same motion to your skin. Focus on your post- acne marks, but make sure to apply powder on the rest of your complexion too for a uniform finish. (For powder brush users, the beat is Sweep, sweep, sweep) Layer the product if you need more coverage.

STEP 3: This step is optional though. I use the powder brush to dust off excess powder particles, and to distribute it to the other parts of my face.

Awesome, right? No need to use separate concealers if you're going to do this technique! If your concern is if it will look too cakey or unnatural, nope, it doesn't. Check out my profile photos below. :) The key to natural- looking makeup is, APPLY ONLY WHAT IS NEEDED.

At first, your face will feel a little sticky because both products are creamy. Allow 10 minutes for the two products to settle completely onto your skin. If you have oily skin or you can't spare a few minutes, you can finish it off with Shiseido Translucent powder (or any translucent powder for that matter), or replace Perfect Smoothing Powder Foundation with Sheer Matifying Powder Foundation.

My look for today-Au Naturel! :)

So that's it for today's makeup tutorial! Keep on visiting TBJ for other brand- exclusive makeup techniques! :)

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  1. iba talaga pag high end make up ang ganda ng result tapos ang galing pa ng skills ni Ms. Martha perfect combination :)

  2. What is step 3?

  3. @Anonymous: Hi there! Thanks for bringing this up. It's a number typo. :) There are only 3 steps. :)

    Dianara: That's true. Pricey makeups play a part, but it is equally important to have the right skills to create flawless makeup. :)

  4. Hurrah for shortcuts! :) Great tutorial. You look gorgeous, as always. :)

  5. iba talaga ang shiseido! :O galing! flawless and very natural..and yah, i agree with ms. m, it also depends on your techniques..thanks for this tip ms. m.! :)

  6. ang galing mo talaga Miss Martha! love your tips, thanks! :)

  7. Flawless finish! :)
    I wonder if I don`t breakout on some products of shiseido since I had breakouts using their medicated pressed powder?.. :)

  8. Issa: Welcome! :)

    Betsbygolly: Oh you did?! :( That's sad to hear. They only way to find out, I guess, is to test their products.

  9. You have great makeup skills! I envy you! :( Thank you for this tutorial! <3


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