Tony Moly Peeling Me Aloe Soothing Peeling Gel Review

Here's a review on Tony moly Peeling Me Aloe Soothing Peeling Gel.

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Many brands are starting to come up with their very own water- based exfoliators-is this a sign that it will soon trump the good ol' gritty scrubs? It's possible! We'll see how that goes in a few months or years, but if you've been meaning to try it, here's one from Tony Moly called Peeling Me Aloe Soothing Peeling Gel. 


This product is a water- based exfoliator that removes surface dead skin cells gently to reveal a more even, softer, and brighter skin. Contains Aloe extracts to soothe skin right after exfoliation.

Product comes in one size and with a pump dispenser. However, once the dispenser pops out of the bottle, you cannot push it back any longer-it doesn't even come with a close/open option nor a stopper.

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I cannot comprehend the things written on the bottle, but after a thorough research, I found out that this product is free from Paraben, Phenoxyethanol, Mineral Oil, Sulfate Surfactant, Triclosan, Triethanolamine, Talc, Benzyl Alcohol, and PEG.

Consistency is a thick green- colored gel with a fresh aloe fragrance. You only need a small amount as the product is pretty concentrated-I don't advise that you use a lot because it will take a while for it to start working.


This product works just like Cure Natural Aqua Gel. There's little to no difference between this product and Cure in my opinion. Cure is fragrance- free and colorless, and this one is laced with fragrance and has color (which I hope is a naturally occurring color due to the Aloe extract).

Peeling Me Soothing Peeling Gel is very easy to remove and leaves my skin soft and feeling clean. Didn't experience any negative reaction with this product. If you want a mild exfoliator that's pretty affordable, try this!


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow this is a great (and cheap!) alternative to Cure!

  2. Hi, Martha!

    Been reading your blog for a while now :) Anyway I've been using a similar product from Tony Moly also for a couple of years now. It's called Tony Moly Floria Active Peeling Gel. It does have a mild, soft fragrance too, and best of all it's cheaper than Cure! It works pretty much the same.


  3. Can't wait to try this since you've mentioned that it works like the Natural Cure Aqua Gel (Been thinking of that product for awhile now) Cure is pretty pricey for newbies so I might try this first instead. :))

  4. Can't wait to try this since you've mentioned that it works like the Natural Cure Aqua Gel (Been thinking of that product for awhile now) Cure is pretty pricey for newbies so I might try this first instead. :))

  5. I have tried this kind of products but I'm not a fun of it I don't really feel that it removes or do what it suppose to do so I gave up trying after 2 failed products I like scrubs like the st Ives that is really effective but after seeing this it seems pretty effective and less harmful to the skin maybe I will give it a try.

  6. When you said this works like the Natural Cure Aqua Gel, I immediately want to buy it! This one is half the price of the cure one. I'm definitely trying this out! Thank you for this review. :)

  7. I second Pat! Glad to know that Cure has a cheaper alternative and they work the same! :)

  8. I think you should continue using this product coz I noticed how it works on your skin. Your pics on one of your previous posts shows that yoir skin is badly needing an exfoliant ;-)

    This product is so cheap everyone can afford. Knowing that it is a Korean brand, that makes consumers trust it. I myself would like to try this ;-)

  9. I love the feeling of peeling off dead skin cells especially when I use scrubs or masks. Gives me a feeling of being fresh and energized. A good example is the self sauna mask from Garnier. It's so relaxing!

  10. Tried this and I didn't see any changes. Maybe I am not "hiyang" in it. But I haven't tried the Cure one. Maybe I will try the Cure soon :)

  11. I like! Tony Moly is a Korean brand if I'm not mistaken...nice line of products!Goodbye to facial dead skin cells:)

  12. Becomingsleek and juvy: indeedy!

    Jen: Yes it is! :)

    Itsmefati: Aww, hope you find what you're looking for in Cure! :)

    Marielle: Haha. ikr. My skin is prone to dead skin cell build-up just like that! I also use Cure on my knees and elbows, but it hurts every time I do that because it's pricey-now here's a cheaper alternative! :)

    Donna: Hello and welcome to my blog! Thanks! Let me know how it works for you. :)

    Majorie: Self- sauna mask? Interesting! :)

    Betsy- yup, that's the best thing to do if you don't want to splurge right away. :)

    Carmela: I use gritty scrubs when my skin is not feeling extra tender. :)

    Stephie: Hey there! Nice to finally hear from you! Thanks for being an avid reader. Nice suggestion, will probably check that out when I visit a Tony Moly store one of these days. :)


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