The Last Minute, No- Stress Gift Guide For 2014 (Women)

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Hello everyone! I'm sure this is one of your much- awaited holiday posts on my blog! Welcome to the 2014 edition of my Last- Minute, No- Stress gift guide series! If you've been on the roads lately, you know that it SUCKS-traffic has gotten horrible, so horrible to a point that it's gotten DEADLY already! :/ But alas, Christmas shopping must be accomplished even if that means enduring this mad holiday traffic. 

Let this gift guide help you get the perfect gifts for your loved ones minus all that stressful guessing and choosing! Click READ MORE for the list (and while you're at it, don't forget to print this out and bring it with you to shopping!).

For Mom: Something Glamorous

My mom and aunts love this fragrance, therefore I deem it mom- friendly. It's a warm, hearty floral with a hint of musk, a fragrance that speaks of mom's wisdom and genuine love.

SAVE: Avon Femme EDT (P1,500.00)

- This newest from Avon is a sparkling floral with a woody floral trail, a fragrance that will put mom on the spotlight-she deserves it!

For Your Sister: Something Personalized

SPEND: Pandora Charm Bracelet (Bracelet starts at P4,000.00+, Charms at P1,900.00+; Charms and Bracelet sold separately)

- This precious bracelet is simple yet eye- catching, plus it's not just an accessory-it's a story and an expression of love. Through this, tell your sister how much she means to you. :)

SAVE: Halo-Halo Charms Personalized Charms (Starts at P1,500.00)

-  One of my unique discoveries this year! This sparkling locket can be filled up with mini charms (up to 7 charms) that you can personally choose-go and craft your sister an accessory that she'll truly treasure! Visit them on Instagram at @halohalocharms.

For Your Best Girlfriend: Something Colorful

- Shop these mini polishes from Anny and the fun part is you can choose the shades that you think will best represent each of your girlfriends!

Cool packaging tip: Write a personalize note for each of your girlfriend and say why you chose that particular color for them, and attach it to the polish with a craft ribbon. 

SAVE: Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish (P175.00)

- These super tote-able and cute polishes from Max Factor will surely come handy for your best girlfriends! Don't forget my cool packaging tip! :)

The Last- Minute, No- Stress Gift Guide for Men (2014) can be found HERE.

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  1. Thanks for this! I already got Avon femme for my mom. I'm sure she'll love it. Maybe I'll buy Anny nail polish for my sister as she is currently getting more interested in nail polishes like me! :) The charm is so cute too, when I've seen this in your previous post, I said to myself that I'll buy one.

  2. The ANNY nail polishes are perfect to give out to my friends! We all love doing our mani pedis together and love love to create nail art so nail polishes and nail stickers are great! :)

  3. I was surprised too to see a lot of people in the market malls etc. It was weird since it was just this time that I noticed it. Perhaps this year I'm always going out compared to the old me. Perfumes are good gift for Aunts alike... Mahilig yung generation nila sa ganito.

  4. Abegaill: Enjoy! :D I think you'll have a fun time personalizing your charm necklace like I did. :)

    Teri: Couldn't agree more! :)

    Cath: Looks like that gift suggestion is perfect for you! :)

  5. I found something I want from the list for men (Victorinox Swiss Army Knife), but I think my best friend would love the Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish. Your ideas are useful not just for the Christmas season, but for any time we need to give a gift.


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