What's In My Summer Make Up Kit?

Seasons change, therefore it is only logical to change the contents of my makeup kit! Well, that's just me because you know, I'm really all about beauty, makeup, and skin care.

You might be wondering: is it really necessary to tune your makeup kit to each season? My honest answer would be yes because seasons have different temperatures and conditions. Your skin behaves differently depending on the season. Therefore, you need different sets of products to help your skin weather each season.

That said, I'm sharing my makeup kit, summer edition to inspire your own beauty arsenal and to give you an idea of the standard beauty products that you should take with you everyday and in this season. Click READ MORE now.

1. Eyelash Curler- This thing has always been a mainstay in my makeup kit-I have it with me always no matter the season! It's also nice to have during summer to open up your eyes even without wearing that sometimes thick, heavy thing called mascara. :p

2. Oil Blotting Sheets- This one's non- negotiable if you have combination oily/normal and most especially, oily skin. I rarely retouch my powder in this kind of weather so an oil- blotting sheet is a must- have for me.

3. Lip And Cheek Tint- Sometimes, I dislike wearing lipstick during summertime because it always makes me feel like there's a glob of wax on top of my lips and makes me feel uncomfortably warm all over. Lip and Cheek tint is my summer alternative to lipstick because it colors my lips without the heavy feeling.

4. Pressed Powder- I always bring a light- textured pressed powder to retouch my makeup and my go-to summer pressed powder has always been Estēe Lauder Invisible Powder because it gives me good coverage, but manages to stay invisible and weightless on my skin.

5. A Satin Lipstick- If I really need to wear lipstick, I go for the ones with a Satin finish because of the moisturizing factor. All this heat can really dry up the skin including the lips so 'round the clock moisture is a must.

6. Atopiclair Cream- Because 'tis the season for Atopic Dermatitis for me! My AD is oftentimes triggered by sweat and heat, and Atopiclair alleviates the itch for me. I also use it to moisturize my knees and elbows.

7. Avène Eau Thermale Spring Water- This miracle water is for relieving my Atopic Dermatitis and hydrating and freshening up my skin. I prefer this brand of facial water because it's very gentle and has healing properties (read my review HERE). If you're frugal and don't see the point in spending on branded water, a water- filled atomizer or something affordable like Evian will do. ;)

8. Anti-Mosquito Lotion- The worst part about summer is it's the time when mosquitoes breed like crazy. Unfortunately, mosquitos love me and this is why an anti-mosquito lotion is a must for me not only during summer, but all the time, too!

9. A Multi-Purpose Balm- I always have a multi-purpose balm with me like Lucas Papaw or Coco Island to remedy insect bites, cuts, dryness, and basically for any incident that requires a multi- purpose balm. ;)

10. Hand Cream- May we not forget that our hands have skin and they require attention too. I bring hand creams with me all the time because I can't stand the feeling of having dry hands.

11. A travel comb- to make me look primped at all times. ;)

12. Toothpaste and Toothbrush- Some things to keep my pearly whites white and breath fresh.

Please disregard the pen, USB, and Swiss Army Knife-I just don't know where to put them in my bag so I put them in my makeup kit. :D

THE BEAUTY JUNKEE ASKS: Do you think we need to have seasonal makeup kits? Which beauty products are your makeup kit mainstays during summer?

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18 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ahhh. Good list! mine is as follows 1? Eyelash curler 2) maybelline 24 hour tattoo kahit maglagkit biong mukha ko it doesnt budge 3) maybelline dream mousse matte foundation- good coverage light feel 4) revlon color burst lip color - very pigmented and stays long without the icky feeling 5) lip and cheek tint 6) cover girl blush 7) wide tooth comb 8) garterized headband for heatless curls

  2. i am so in love with that swiss army knife!

  3. Agree on the anti-mosquito things!! They seem to prefer me over anybody I'm with :( I use the Messy Bessy insect repellant spray (eucalyptus), Off spray (which smells a tad too masculine for me), or The Vanilla Company insect repellant (smells like baked goodies). Hope you get to try them out :)

  4. I agree. We really need to adapt all the stuff in our kikay kits with the weather. For summer, the items should help us look and feel fresh even if it's scorching hot. My staples are maybelline bb silk cake, wet and wild balm stain, tinted lipbalm and a comb. I use my daughter's wipes on my face to freshen up when i feel like i'm almost melting. I like Off Clean because it is non-greasy and unscented.

  5. My summer makeup kit staples are oil blotting sheets ('cause my face produces much oil on hot days), lip stain, powder foundation, cologne and waterproof mascara. As much as possible I'd like to keep it simple and fresh looking since summer usually equates to being sweaty.

  6. Pesky mosquitoes! Lol Most of the products in my kit are mainstay: Revlon Photoready Poweder, Gatsby Oil Film, Peripera Lip Marker, Clio Gel eyeliner, Belo sunblock gel, EOS Lipbalm, Avon Mascara and a small comb. I dont usually use cheek tint or blush because they cause rashes. I still have to find a blush product that would work for me. And yes, OFF Lotion during summer and whenever I travel. And the Lucas Papaw and facial water caught my eye! I'm so interested in trying these out but will wait for budget to improve first. Thanks for sharing your kit!

  7. Our skin condition naturally changes and is not really the same at all the times. The season changes so is our skin condition. We are currently facing very hot temperature mostly at 40deg that's why we need to cool down our skincare. Less makeup and skincare, more protection since there will be a lot of secretion. I've also learned that after basic skincare, we should apply a "finisher." It is originally used as a makeup setting power. The radiance lasts til midnight. Wonderful! Another thing that I would like to share is using spring roll wrapper and your favorite tea as a substitute for ready-made masks. I find it moisturizing, soothing and really calming. Tea helps calm redness and it made my annoying pimples vanish through continuous use. It also helped balance my nasty oily skin. You can even add an essential oil like Tea tree from The Body Shop. It's my must-have in my skincare regimen. I also use rice water sometimes for washing my face. (^....^)

  8. I rarely use oil control paper but since summer came, I have been using it so so so much! I'm okay with a little bit of oil on my skin since it makes it look dewy but summer makes me look like a used frying pan XD

    Tints has always been a mainstay for me since I am a student and I need long wearing products. I also dislike retouching for some reason...

    Hair tie is a not a beauty product but I use my hair ties a lot this summer. My hair is currently at its longest ever! It is now below my collarbones XD I never had this length before and it's so so so hot!!!

  9. I change my kikay kit, too, from time to time. Right now, I have few things inside my kit: a hydrating facial mist (Kosmea), Tinted Lip Balm (Human Nature), hand sanitizer (Human Nature), BB Powder (4u2 Dreamgirl Lovelight), baby wipes (Giggles), a wonder pencil (Nyx) and a sunscreen (Biore). If I need to be somewhere for more than 6 hours, that's the only time I would bring some make ups with me. I'm so tamad to retouch kasi. Haha!

  10. In my make-up purse, I have only added sunblock this summer. Everything else is the same. I have my CC cream, a pressed powder, lip balm, two lipstick tubes, a mascara, eyeliner, lip & cheek tint, cream blush, oil control film and a small comb. And oh, I have a cutter too! (^-^)

  11. In my kikay kit I have: an eyebrow pencil, eyebrow brush, lip balm, oil control film, lipstick/s, blush, a wide tooth comb, and a hand lotion. For me its ok to have seasonal products in your purse since we have different needs for each season. :)

  12. Ang cute ng swiss army knife!!!
    Err.. I don't change my kikay kit every season.. I just have my basics year round tapos brands lang nagbabago.. Anyway, i still want to share mine!
    -oil blotter, a must talaga for oily gals!
    -lip balm, tinted lip balm if possible.
    -pressed powder
    -hand cream
    -vial of perfume, i transfer my perfume to those mini bottles bought in landmark
    -tissue/wet wipes

    BTW, my kikay kit is left at work so that I don't have to bring it with me everyday. :)

  13. Wow, so many in your make up kit but same here...ahahha! This is my must have for me during in and out of any season. My everyday make up kit will be a MYRA Daily sun protect facial moisturizer, a powder, eyeliner, blush on and a lip gloss.Just saying!

  14. I don't usually bring make up whenever I go to the beach. Basic skincare will do for me. I think I should get a swiss knife haha!

  15. I think we really need to do some alterations and additionals to our 'kikay' or makeup kit every season. Specially, this summer 'cause the weather is kind of sweltering for us. Our makeup tends to flake and melt due to the hotness so we can opt for lightweight makeups and stock up on blottings sheets. I loved that you added lip and cheek tint on your kit! :) That's my favorite go-to piece ever cause it is multi-purpose and it has a natural finish of red/pink on the lips though it can be drying on the lips sometimes.

  16. Yes! We definitely need to change our makeup kits depending on the season. I do that too. And sometime, I change my kit every month. :) I super like your kit. Ako naman I also include white flower, especially I always commute. I also bring a lipstick, a pressed powder, hand cream, comb, vitress and lipgloss. :)

  17. I noticed na mas darker skintone ko pag summer. so i guess, kelangan ng darker foundie than my normal Skintone.. Especially now na parang halos 9mos ang summer :D my makeup kit includes lip balm, moisturizer, powder foundie, brow pencil, and bronzer :))

  18. Thanks for sharing your kikay kit must- have items, ladies!

    BrownOso: The swiss army knife, unfortunately, is no more. It was confiscated in Suvarnabhumi airport huhu!

    Stephie: Mosquitoes LOVE me that's why a mosquito repellent is a must- have! I used to swear by OFF, but couldn't stand its ugly taste whenever I forget to wash it off my hand and I accidentally touch my lips with it. :p Bite Off is a good alternative-I've switched to it now. ;)


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