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Here's a review on Max Factor Creme Puff Blush.

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I don't remember anymore the last time I fell in love with a drugstore blush until I experienced Max Factor Creme Puff Blush--I'm 100% sure that I'll remember it this time around because this is the prettiest drugstore blush I've tried in ages!

You can get that lovely, ethereal, skin- like flush delivered by premium cheek products namely Chanel Joues Contraste, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, and Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette (they say!) without having to make ends meet the next day with Max Factor Creme Puff Blush, a new, versatile blush collection that gives you a soft focus, naturally pretty color payoff and mimics an inner glow.


Creme Puff is the newest addition to Max Factor's iconic Creme Puff range. Transform your look with these baked blushes that are made with fine, mineral pigments and can go from wet to dry and natural to dramatic, making them perfect for everyday and PRO makeup. The collection features 6 shades: Alluring Rose, Lavish Mauve, Nude Mauve, Gorgeous Berries, Seductive Pink, and Lovely Pink.

Luckily, I got all the shades and I'll be swatching them for everyone today. I really feel good whenever I can provide complete swatches of a certain makeup collection. :D

Anyway! Click READ MORE for the swatches and full review of this really good and really affordable baked blush! :)

The blushes come in a small, round acrylic pot. Look at all that beautiful marbling on the blushes: it gives the product a unique look and texture as well as a luxe appeal.

What makes Creme Puff Blush a versatile product is it can be used for contouring, highlighting, and adding color to your cheeks, in everyday makeup and PRO makeup, and can be applied wet and dry too. 

See the wet and dry swatches of the blushes below:

If used dry, coverage is sheer to medium. If used wet, coverage is medium to heavy. I've used some of the colors in wet application for about a week and surprisingly, their surfaces did not develop dry, crusty patches, a direct result of using water on powder products--I'm not so sure about this, but maybe the blushes' baked formulation has made them resistant to water damage (lol what a term! :D)? It's possible because in my experience, baked blushes have better quality than the regular, pressed ones. Also, the blushes tend to have better staying power if used wet.

The blushes have a silky, thin, gliding texture and melt into a soft, natural shimmer finish. My little issue with it is some shades-especially Nude Mauve and Lavish Mauve-have more shimmer than color, thus they end up enhancing enlarged pores.

Of course I had to try the wet and dry application on my cheeks! In the following photos, I used Nude Mauve, the lightest shade in the bunch so you can see better the difference between both applications.

 Nude Mauve applied dry

Nude Mauve applied wet

Wet application has made Nude Mauve appear more prominent on my warm skin tone. Now based on my swatches, tests, and observations, we can therefore conclude that these blushes are best used wet; However, I would only recommend wet application for the really light colors or if needed-the blushes work just fine in their dry state so no need for an extra step, unless you have really oily skin or you're going to use it in PRO makeup.


Alluring Rose

- A Rose Gold blush laced with Copper, which makes it not only a blush but a contouring product as well. It's ideal for warm- skinned ladies.

Seductive Pink

- A Rosy Pink shade. This universal pink gives your cheeks a sweet pop of color without looking over-the-top.

Lavish Mauve

- A Mauve shade with a Beige undertone. This one mimics a natural- looking flush!

Gorgeous Berries

- A Red Berry shade. It gives a stronger flush and looks wonderful on morena and dark skin tones. This is also a great dupe for NARS' Outlaw blush.

Lovely Pink

- A Peachy Pink shade. This shade looks the loveliest on the pan, but unfortunately, it's just too light for my likin. I feel it will look better on fairer skin tones though.

Nude Mauve

- A light Mauve with a Pink undertone. This is the lightest shade amongst the 6 and it serves as a highlighter to me. Just like Lovely Pink, I feel that this will look (and come out) better on fairer skin tones.

These blushes will work on almost any skin type (even on dry skin) because texture is smooth, color payoff is quite natural, and the shimmer they have is fine and natural- looking. I love Max Factor Creme Puff blush because it is proof that it's possible to create and have affordable but really good powder blushes, and it's a dupe of my favorite Chanel Joues Contraste--been meaning to buy another JC, but it's not cheap, you know? Thank goodness I saw Creme Puff blush first before taking another plunge-it saved me a lot of money! Also, baked blush (a good baked blush, to be exact) is a rare thing in drugstore brands so that should be enough for you to give this a try. ;)


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  1. Been waiting for this review ever since you said you'd be doing one soon. They look amazing! Will definitely check this out. Thank you for this post. :)

  2. They're perfect for achieving that natural look. Ohmomo~ I'll love this. I've been waiting for this review. Thanks for this post.

  3. Lavish Mauve is so pretty. I think this is for someone who doesn't have the guts to wear blush- someone like me. Whaaa! I want to have that one!

  4. I agree with jhake o.! Lavish mauve is the perfect shade for morenas! Plus it looks really good on you!! Time to make ipon na for a new blush!!! :)

  5. Been waiting for this too:) As I was expected, the blushes is so beautiful! Oh, I really love all of the shades! They look pretty on your cheeks;) Lavish mauve makes me excited the most to try it on my cheeks soon :D

  6. Hnggghhhh. They're so purdy, I want them all :(

  7. I like all the colors too! But I like nude mauve and alluring rose the most. they look so natural and pretty. I agree, it's an affordable, high quality dupe of the expensive ones. I can definitely buy all the shades (but not in one go. haha). The winners of your giveaway are surely so lucky.

  8. Valerie: Haha. I know! :)

    Abegaill: Great choices! Hope you can try 'em out soon. :)

    Jeremy: Hope you can try it soon! :)

    Donna: Welcome. Which shade/s are you interested in, Donna? :)

    Kkumkugo: Welcome! :)

    Jhake O and Janine: Didn't expect that Lavish Mauve won't turn out this pretty though. Glad it did!

  9. ive got the color alluring rose and i love it no need to put highlighter because it already has shimmers


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