May Favorites

So last month's favorites have only one thing in common: Hydration. Don't ask why they became last month's faves 'cuz I know you also felt why. If you can't think of the answer because of the scorching heat...there, I said it already. :D 

These products kept me feeling fresh last month and at the same time, helped me keep my cool despite the heat. More about these favorites after the break.

- This really affordable bath salt is infused with Coconut extracts that may help in repairing and hydrating your skin. I loved using this product as an alternative to creamy scrubs because it's easy to use, rinses off easily, and doesn't have a cream base that may contribute to the muggy feeling.

- This newfound favorite sheet mask brand of mine hydrates skin thoroughly and kept my skin from drying out (and breaking out!) real bad!

-  A golden drugstore find! This promising facial wash from Safeguard cleanses the skin while maintaining its natural moisture and is designed to fight acne or keep skin acne free-I've been experiencing the latter with it and I'm so pleased! :D

- This light, fast- penetrating serum for the hair contains Argan Oil, a powerful hair conditioner and hydrator. It was my go-to hair serum last month because it's practically weightless, but moisturizes my hair strands well!

5. Max Factor Creme Puff Blush

- This natural- looking, baked blush is so affordable, but payoff is that of a premium blush. Btw, it can be used dry or wet! ;)

6. Pixi Glow Mist

- This hydrating and nourishing spray sets my makeup and keeps my skin feeling healthy and looking naturally dewy. 

- This creamy lip balm smells good and moisturizes lips even up to the next day, if used as an overnight lip treatment. I noticed that my lips' dryness has been tamed when I started using it regularly. :)

What were your favorite beauty finds for last month? Share! :)

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Thank God the days with scorching heat is almost done. It's June!! There's rain now and the next day the heat is so intense. But atleast :) I wanna try the Pixi Glow mist! Been wearing makeup despite the humid weather and I think it's time for me to use mists. :) Also the Nekkid lipbalm is soooo cute, I got my eye on it! I also wanna try the lip scrub one! :D

  2. Safeguard! Yaaaayyy!

    I'm so curious about the NEKKID Nourishing Lip Balm. Your description about it is so promising. My lips gets really dry and I've tried a lot of lip balms slready but they were not so effective to me. So I just used honey and surprisingly, it worked on me. It's just too unconvenient to use so I'm still in search of the perfect balm for me.

  3. Happy happy Birthday ms.Martha:) more birthdays to come!
    Btw, my husband loves that new safeguard products, bumili kami agad nyan after your review:) currently Im using my choice spa salt kaso once ko pa lang ngagamit:) ohh, I really want to try that max blush, a bit pricey for me kasi. Try ko sumali na lang ako sa giveaway mo;) happy birthday again:)

  4. I like NEKKID because it moisturizes my lips so deeply without being sticky, but I find the product so difficult to rub out of the pan. I apply a LOT of pressure and barely come up with a thin sheen of product!

  5. I also bought Moringa hair serum after I read your review and I super like it! Its light weight, non sticky and my hair really felt smooth right after application. I even use it on my daughters' hair too!

  6. Nekkid's name is soo cute! Sounded like naked ;) i love your may favorites ms. M! I've been dying to use the mychoice scrub! But i cnt seem to find one anywhere! And the serum from moringa!! Honestly its like the mose affordable argan oil i know coz other be like 1500++!!!

  7. Palmolive Anti-Dandruff Shampoo with Tea Tree and Eucalyptus helped me feel fresh and cool last month. I don't have dandruff so i could not say if it is an effective anti-dandruff shampoo. I use it because i love the minty cool feel on my scalp when rinsing. It perks up my early morning baths. I also like using it on late night baths to freshen me up after a long, hot and tiring day.

  8. My May faves would have to be St. Ive's Apricot Scrub (as always), Safeguard Derma sense body wash (this I got from Sampleroom), Nivea lotion and Pantene 3 Minute Miracle conditioner for my hair. Oh, and my ever reliable Sunflower Beauty Oil of course.

    Also, I've been hooked with Dermal facial masks. That one from Leaders Insolution is in my to-try list this month since I've read your review about it last month too. =)

  9. Thank God it's raining once in a while, though it's not yet rainy season according to Pag-asa. :) Anyway, I knew that the safeguard with be on your list. As well as the malunggay serum too (as you mentioned it during the meet and greet)! I've been using the serum that you gave me as a prize and I super like it too! I'm actually using the whole range for the hair, so as to feel its effect. It works amazing. I have colored hair right now and it makes my hair shinier, softer and smoother. Its in the process of minimizing my fly aways too. I also like the Bobbi Brown art stick, which I got from you too. It looks so pretty yet it has that nature look. I am loving the Dial body wash too as it smells really good. I use it alternate with the Dove body wash. Lastly, I'm loving the Canmake Gokubuto mascara. It really curls my lashes and it stays curled for long. :) I have yet to try the Nekkid products.


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