FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: 10 Orange Lipsticks That Are Great for Filipina Skin Tone

I'm so excited for Sunday because it's going to be the grand launch of Vice Cosmetics; finally, I can swatch the entire line for all of you!

But for now, let's look at 10 orange lipsticks that won't look brassy or weird on Filipina skin. Thanks Lovely for this question!

Hi Martha,
I'd like to ask for your orange lipstick recos please. Thanks!

Hey Lovely!

Nice name you have there! This is such a timely question because peach and orange are so in nowadays; happy to help you out on this.

Presenting 10 orange lipsticks that good awesome on Filipina skin!

What I love about it: smooth, hydrating finish and the fiery orange shade complements warm skin tones.

What I love about it: This is the perfect muted orange for me. It's a Kylie Lip Kit that I highly recommend!

What I love about it: buttery, moisturizing formula; it's a soft orange shade that's great for almost any skin tone.


What I love about it: a lightweight satin lipstick that's affordable and this shade is perfect for casual wear.

What I love about it: pigmented, economical, and the red-orange hue is perfect for those who can't go all out with orange.

What I love about it: smooth, soothing, and this funky orange lipstick, though bright, doesn't look off on yellow undertones.

What I love about it: A beautiful midtone orange that looks amazing on all skin tones!

What I love about it: A soft, creamy matte lipstick with a beautiful mix of coral and orange.

What I love about it: a gorgeous orange that mimics the sunset; the packaging is to die for too!

What I love about it: a pretty red-orange shade that warms up the skin.

That's all! Do share with me your favorite orange lippies. :D

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. 10,9,7 and 2 is so 😍😍😍. I do wear orange lippies. Thanks for sharing some good orange lippies Ms. Martha! πŸ˜‰

  2. NARS Audacious in Lana -- pricey but worth it :)

  3. I'm really excited about your review of the Vice Cosmetics...I'm not buying anything until I read your review.
    Gosh, you look good in all of those orange lipstick, I wish I could pull off half of those looks. I've tried L'oreal's Wild Tango and I liked it too.

  4. Orange lipsticks are so hard to wear! Thanks for your suggestions Ms. Martha 😘

  5. Ganda ng Kylie Lipkit 22! 😍 My favorite orange lippie is the Maybelline Lip gradation in Orange 1. Bet ko yung parang foam sa end ng lippie which you can also use for that gradient effect. 😊

  6. Gusto ko yung fiery orange! d pako ngwear ng ganyang shades...maganda pala noh..I wanna try that..what outfit kaya more suitable gnyang shade madam...hmm...thanks for sharing!

  7. Can't help but appreciate your skin especially in the first photo, Ms. Martha! The orange lipsticks look so effortlessly good on you. I don't think I'd be able to pull this off! Haha! Will have to find the right orange shade for me. :) THanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  8. Yesss I love orange lipsticks

  9. Ganda, di ko pa po na try ganyang shade pero ganda nga.


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