Fan Mail Fridays: From Retouching Sunscreen to Reversing Sun Damage

Hello everyone! I am so sorry for this super late Fan Mail Fridays post! I've had a looong day yesterday 'cos I went to Yishion's grand opening at The District Mall, Imus, Cavite. It was a very long trip, but 'twas well worth because I had a good time with my fellow bloggers and the kind people at Stratworks. I will talk more about this new fashion brand in another post, and I'll ask a favor from everyone as early as now: I would be needing your votes! Your votes would be your best Christmas gift to me! Teehee! :)

Our mail for today is from Jaja. She asks:

Hi Martha!

I've been a silent reader for a year now and I remember reading your posts about SPF (part 1 and part 2). I just have few questions and hopefully you can help me with my dilemma.

I get out of the office between 12nn-1pm. I noticed that I have some dark spots or hyperpigmentation on my face and body due to my daily commutes. I'm using some sun protection products but I'm not sure they're working. Now my first question is, how do you retouch/reapply your sun protection if you have full make up on? 

My second and last question, what sun protection product do you use for your body for your daily commutes/trips outside? As I mentioned I get out of the office between 12nn-1pm and my travel time is usually an hour max. Can you recommend good products that are not sticky and heavy? Plus if you have tips please do share.


 Hi Jaja!

Oh noes! The sun spots on your skin could be a sign that the UV rays have done a little damage on your skin already. I have a few tips on how you can increase the efficacy of your Suncare routine, and how you can reverse-although I can't promise that it's very effective-the UV damage on your skin.

Click READ MORE and see the game plan against those darn UV rays!

It's good to know that you're aware of sunblock basics, (e.g. types, reapplication frequency, recommended level of SPF, and the likes) and you're religiously using sun protection products--this is a good start. But I think the reason why they're not effective is because 1.) They're not water-resistant or waterproof, ergo they come off easily 2.) You're not applying the right amount (experts say that a shot glass full amount of sunblock is good enough to shield your skin from the sun. However, for your face, this may be too much so just gauge if you've covered your entire face with sunblock evenly)

As for your first question, setting powders and facial mists laced with SPF are the mess- free and best products to use when retouching sun protection on your face even if you have your makeup on. Here are some examples:

Photo Credits: Zen Natural+Organic Facebook

Zen Natural+Organic Sun Block Mist- It didn't say it's for the face but since it's water- based, I think it can be used on this part. In any case, just ask Zen Organics! :)

TIP: Apply these products right before going out in the sun.

For me, layering sun protection products is probably the best way to create a strong and long lasting barrier between the skin and UV rays, although there's really no guarantee that this technique will genuinely protect skin from the sun's harmful rays. For what it's worth, I think it's pretty effective because I don't have any visible UV damage on my skin yet even if I like walking outdoors and staying out in the sun. When you come to think of it, having layers of sun care products on your skin assures you that you're still protected even if a layer or two comes off completely.

On hot and sunny days, these are the products that I layer on my skin. It's quite a lot, but good thing these products get absorbed quickly, and they don't feel heavy and thick at all.

Why I love it: It's light, watery and cool, and sets rapidly. It also puts special emphasis on UVA, the most harmful UV ray that causes skin damage.

Why I love it: Since it's a primer, I feel that this helps lock traditional sunblock onto my skin.

Why I love it: Its long- wearing, cake- proof, and smudge- proof formula lets the SPF stay longer on my skin.

Why I love it: It has a high SPF content yet it doesn't leave a white cast in photos, and it has lightening extracts that help stall melanin production within my skin.

For your second question, here are some tips that will help alleviate sun damage on your skin:

 Load up on Strawberries

- They don't only taste good, but they help weaken UV rays too! In a recent joint scientific study by the University of Barcelona of Spain and Università Politecnica delle Marche of Italy, researchers have discovered that the Anthocyanins found in Strawberries may help decrease DNA damage caused by exposure to UV rays, albeit it still remains a theory and further studies are yet to be conducted. Nevertheless, they taste good, and the fact that they were considered as a potential photoprotective product means something!

Use Lightening Products on Discolored Areas of the Skin

Lightening products are very different from whitening products: The former, more or less, penetrates the skin to break down Melanin production for a more even skin tone, while the latter could only bleach the top part of the skin and may not address the root of hyperpigmentation. To even out my skin tone and minimize cell damage after a serious sun exposure, I use Nivea Extra Whitening Cell Repair lotion because apart from its lightening effects, it has antioxidants to boot.

As for the hyperpigmentation on your nose, use lightening serums such as Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution or Pond's Spot Blocking Serum. I would highly recommend serums because they're more concentrated, ergo more potent than regular creams. If you can afford cosmeceuticals, I would suggest them too.

Photo Credits:

One Word: TEA

Green and Black tea to be exact. In another joint study, researchers have found out that the high levels of antioxidants in Green and Black tea help reverse UV damage on the cells. At any time of the day or before going to bed, enjoy either a hot or cold cup of Green or Black Tea. I also have my own Green Tea Mist recipe which I use most especially if I'm on the beach. I will share the recipe on my blog next week. :)

And let's not forget these classic tips because they're useful too:

1. Use umbrella
2. Wear hats or any protection on your face before going outdoors

And for my final reminder: Consistency is key! Don't skip your sun care routine!

I hope you've found this post useful, Jaja. Please let me know which of my recommended products worked for you. And to my dear readers, hope you've learned some additional beauty information today!

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  1. this is really informative and helpful...nice post!!!^_^

  2. She posted a really good question. And I'm thankful I leave the house at 8am and go home 7pm.

    Anyway, I agree, I think that's the best way to go about it, put a high spf sunblock base, and retouch with a full spectrum setting/ face powder.

    It might not meet the ml per cm-squared requirement but it's better than nothing.

  3. Thank you thank you for answering my questions thoroughly Martha! I actually bookmarked this post teehee :)

    I never knew other facial mists have SPF I gotta look into that. I'm using Nivea Extra whitening cell repair for the body because it claims to have sun protection now I know that I use a different sun protection for my body and use Nivea as a treatment.

    Good thing I love strawberries (my favorite fruit) and tea, I gotta load my diet MORE with those. Im looking forward to your tea mist :)
    Heard so much good stuff about Laneige BB cusion and Snoe poudre, I'll put that on my Christmas list :)

    Again, thank you Martha! xoxo

  4. jaja's question is what ive been meaning to ask too.. XD i have hyper pigmentation on some parts on my face~i always use here comes the sunblock though~i think its not sweat proof >.<
    this is very informative post~

  5. before, i am not a user of sunlock, because mostly what i tried are thick in consistency and i'm one of those who hates that greasy, slimy feeling... LOL...i'm using snoe now and i like it, it doesn' t give me that greasy feel but it will give you white streaks and it tends to be drying but its okay for me as long as it works. ^_^


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