FOTD: My Funny Valentine+Get The Look

I just did a full- blown look complete with a hairstyle! I'm planning to wear this on my BF and I's date tomorrow, and I thought of sharing it with you guys. The nice thing about this look is, it's so easy to do, and you can do it on your own and right on your office desk. (But make sure you bring the necessary makeups with you to work!) However, the hairstyle is the only thing that requires effort here so just borrow or bring to work a curling iron and hair spray then ask a colleague to curl your hair for you (just treat him/her afterwards!) or if you can, do it on your own!


Prostyle Fuwarie Curling Mist


Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio (RD711)
Fairy Drops Mascara (Black, Pink variant)

Sleek Blush By 3 (Pumpkin Pie)

Remember, it's not necessary to have these exact products-just look for a dupe or alternative!

Click READ MORE and know how you can whip up this sweet Valentine's Day look!

STEP 1: Prime lids with an eye primer. Using a flat shader brush and a cool, cotton candy pink eyeshadow, apply a sheer wash all over your lids, but don't go beyond the above crease.

Other eyeshadow color options: Midtone pink, light pink, frosted pink, lilac

STEP 2: Using a frosted taupe eyeshadow and a flat shader brush, apply some color on your lower lids. You can deepen the color or use a darker color on this part to get the illusion of deeper eyes. But don't choose black because it's too bold for a sweet and fresh look!

Other eyeshadow color options: Steel Gray, Dark Silver, Platinum, Dark Gray

STEP 3: Using a flat shader brush pink champagne shade, highlight your brow bones.

Other eyeshadow color options: Cream, Beige Champagne, Muted Silver

STEP 4: Using a flat shader brush and the same eyeshadow color you have used on your brow bone, dab some color on you inner lid for a twinkling eyes effect.

Other eyeshadow color options: Refer to Step 3.

Line your eyes and apply mascara as usual.


It's a pretty look that diverts from the usual bold, striking, and dramatic makeup that everyone is going for during Valentine's day. :) It's great for daytime wear, but for night time, just wear a deeper lip color. :)

That's all! Advanced Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! :)

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. this is a very sweet look! pretty! and i love your curls too... Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Perfect for tomorrow! :)

    Happy love day Ms. Martha! ♥

  3. Pretty much. What I like is the hair you look so fabulous Ms. martha.

  4. Happy Valentine's, girls! :D Hope you enjoyed your v-day celebration! :D

  5. your look feels very girly! yay! so beautiful! how was your valentine martha? :)


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