FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Best BB Creams and Moisturizers for Oily Skin

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There's the T.V. anyway so I'll see him there.

So, our FMF for today is from Alpa Asquith. Her question is:

Hello Ms. Martha,

I just want to ask what kind of moisturizer and BB Creams can you suggest for oily skin? I prefer Korean brands, but the American ones are okay too. Hoping for your reply. Thank you!
Alpha Asquith

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Hey there Alpha Asquith,

Personally, I'd like to greet you happy new year and I hope the week has started right for you.

Now onto your question. I thought I wrote a similar article already, but turned out that I did not. How could an oily- skinned gal forget an article such as this!? LOL.

So thank you for the question-it's a great reminder. Click READ MORE now and see my top moisturizer and BB Cream picks for oily skin. :)


- Japanese brands have some of the best BB Creams for oily skin so my advice is explore this category as well. Korean BB Creams are great, but I find that they're well- suited to drier skin types, plus shade selections are always 'meh' for me. Fairy Drops Candy Bar BB Cream is a very long- wearing BB Cream with a foundation- like coverage- it's like getting the best of both worlds.

- If you're using Salicylic Acid- based products and you're experiencing a bit of dryness and dullness, you might want to check out this BB Cream because it brightens the skin instantaneously and even has lightening properties to get rid of discolorations, if you have any.

- Here's an affordable Japanese BB Cream, which I think is a good dupe of Fairy Drops.

- Oh here's another Japanese goodie. I find that this one stays put and even improves the wear time of powders on your skin.

- Since you mentioned you prefer Korean BB Creams, Tony Moly is the BB Cream brand that I would recommend any day. In my opinion, it's the only Korean brand that has the friendliest BB Creams to oily skin types!


- This favorite of mine is perfect for oily skin types as it's superiorly light and hydrating, and smells really fresh!

- Here's a moisturizer that is creamy enough to soothe dry patches on your skin, light enough to keep your skin from getting oilier, and has ample sun protection to protect your skin's health!

- This watery lotion refreshes and hydrates skin really well. It feels just like water so those with extremely oily skin types will love this product.

- This isn't really categorized as a skin care product, but I find that it's good enough to be a moisturizer!

- A classic favorite of mine. This moisturizer is great for semi- oily skin types and keeps skin feeling really soft and nourished the whole day!

I hope you all found this post helpful. Have a blessed weekend! :)

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Heroine Make is something I would love to try since I heard that Fairydrops is not available in the Philippines anymore :(

  2. This is a super helpful post. I'm using Za now and I'm glad it's one of the best. :) I'm planning to try the heroine make when I run out of BB cream. I've tried tony moly too. :)

  3. Wow. This is a good article. I'm looking forward to try Tony Moly. Good job, Ms. Martha :) btw, can I suggest that you put prices as well on the products next time? Hehehehe. But regardless of that I always enjoy reading your posts, I always learn a lot. More power!

  4. The cult favorite Nature Republic aloe vera gel is also a perfect moisturizer for oily-skinned gals. As much as I love its lightweight and water-like consistency, I am a bit apprehensive with alcohol being the second in its ingredients list. It's still a good multi-tasker to have around, though.

  5. Glad to see the Hada Lobo moisturizing lotion! I've been wanting to get that when I travel to Hong Kong. Hope to see more reviews on Japanese products.

  6. Just want to share... I have combination skin that drives me crazy. Especially in this cooler weather, my T-zone tends to oil up like crazy while my cheeks turn dry to the point of slight peeling. It's a nightmare to be using foundation, so I just stick to BB cream. I even avoid using powder, except on the T-zone and to set makeup. Otherwise, I steer clear of my cheeks.

    I have been using Fairy Drops BB Cream and it does wonders. It has a slightly dewy finish, but nothing to oily. I noticed that my T-zone doesn't re-grease as quickly, and it has managed to keep my cheeks hydrated even without any additional moisturizer underneath. That's good stuff. Lucky I got it during the Fairy Drops sale last year. :)

  7. Stacie: Yeah, Fairydrops didn't take off. :/ I guess it is because their product selections are too limited.

    Foodworldme: Thanks for sharing! Since Fairydrops is not available any longer, at least in here, Heroine's BB Cream is a good option. :)

    Christine: Will do! :D

    Anonymous: Hello there and welcome to my blog! Yes, I have nature republic's aloe vera gel, but I use it on my body only because as you said, it just has too much alcohol to be used on the face. :p

    Deb: Hi Deb! I have included links to the product reviews of the featured products-just click on the product name/s to be redirected. You'll find the prices there plus information on where you can find these. :)

    Abegaill: Agree! ZA Cosmetics's True White BB Cream is really good! :)

  8. It's a shame that there's no Fairy Drops here anymore. Just when I found a BB with a perfect color match... :,(

    I'll try Heroine Make BB Cream next. Fingers crossed that one of the two available colors works for me.

  9. TONY MOLY Luminous Goddess AURA BB Cream SPF37 is my favorite


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