QUIZ: Find Your Perfect School Kikay Kit

I hope this is not too late! 

All of you are going to do college this year, but not all of you will do the same activities and be in the same type of school environment, therefore a makeup kit that suits your environment and needs is a must. With this, I'd like to share with my college readers this quiz that I made to help everyone find their perfect makeup kit based on their activities and surroundings.

Ready? Finish the quiz and don't scroll to the bottom until you answered everything. It would also help if you'll grab a paper so you can jot down your answers and not forget about them as you go along. 

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1. What's the environment of your school like?

A.) It's all buildings. One after the other.
B.) Trees, plants, flowers. Seeing birds perching on the classroom window is a common thing for me.
C.) A little bit of nature and a little bit of concrete.

2. What's your daily schedule like?

A.) Class at Room A, Room B, and Room C. Sometimes, Room D.
B.) A mix between doing field work and having classes.
C.) Classes in the morning, running errands for the school paper in the early afternoon, and group study later in the afternoon.

3. Choose your arm candy for school:

A.) Probably a Givenchy Pandora. It's luxurious yet discreet enough for school.
B.) Jansport ftw!
C.) Something feminine yet spacious like a medium- sized Longchamp Le Pliage where I can dump all my stuff in.

Photo Credit: usmagazinetoday.com

4. Which movie do you think is the official story of your college life?

A.) Mean Girls
B.) Legally Blonde
C.) Pitch Perfect

5. What's your ideal college makeup look?

A.) Dewy and fresh.
B.) 'No makeup' makeup
C.) Natural with a hint of color

6. Which lipstick best represents you?

A.) Tory Burch Lip Color. Understated elegance and lots of moisture
B.) Not really a lipstick gal, but lipbalm. Benefit Cosmetics Hydrating Lip Balm. Functional and delivers the right amount of color.
C. MAC Lipstick. Bold and dynamic.

7. What do you like eating on a daily basis?

A.) No time for a hearty lunch almost always so I always have packed cakes and sandwiches with me.
B.) A well- balanced meal consisting of meat, veggies, a cup of rice, fruit, and water.
C.) Something really light like soup, salad, and a roll so I won't feel heavy and lethargic-got a lot of stuff to do!

Photo Credit: youtube.com

8. Which tune do you feel like listening to when graduation time comes?

A.) Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway
B.) Miley Cyrus' The Climb
C.) Vitamin C's Graduation Song

View your results:

Mostly As: The Indoor Gal; Hydrating Makeup Kit

You're probably doing a ton of paperwork and reading that you're almost always required to stay indoors. If you're staying indoors most especially in air- conditioned rooms all the time, be sure to arm yourself with a makeup kit that features hydrating products so your skin won't age easily due to air- conditioning- related dehydration.

Key Products: hydrating hand and body lotion; gel eye cream, moisturizing lipstick, lip balm; hydrating facial mist; hydrating base.

Mostly Bs: The Active Gal; Light and Protective Makeup Kit

You love balance that's why you make sure you've time for study and time for recreation. In the mornings, you're probably hopping from one class to the other and come afternoon, you're either giving your all at the track and field game or giving the school a helping hand in their recycling endeavor. You don't have to look haggard while getting through all these things with a light and protective makeup kit with products that will keep you protected and looking pretty but without interfering with your activities.

Key Products: Sunscreen, Waterproof Mascara/Eyeliner, Hydrating Facial Mist; Lip And Cheek Tint; Powder Foundation; Retouching Powder

Mostly Cs: The All Over Gal; Always Fresh Makeup Kit

You live a dynamic academic life: You love making use of your time efficiently and you can't just be part of one organization-three is always the minimum and oh, you still have time for outdoor academic activities! If you're this busy college lady, you need a set of products that will keep up with your activities so opt for the Always Fresh makeup kit--always put your best face forward with makeups and products that are long- wearing, hydrating, and rejuvenating.

Hope you enjoyed this one! I'm mostly Cs! How about you? Share your answers with me at the comments section. :)

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  1. This is really interesting. I got the active gal and it's really true and I also love the make-up.

  2. Such a fun quiz! I am mostly C's. A bit of B's but I really am all over the place! Thanks for this post! :)

  3. This is so fun to read. It's like a quiz in a girl mag like Candy. Yaayy! I got mostly Bs and yep, I really did take a screenshot of the result. I'm gonna prepare it for this coming August. Hehe. Our university changed its curriculum so our class will begin on the 3rd day of August. Thank you so much for this informative yet fun post Ms. Martha.

  4. This is so cool! Nag enjoy ako sa quiz na to:) belong to mostly A's. Remembering my college days! So happy talaga to be a student!

  5. Most of my answers are B. This is fun. Feeling like a College student again!

  6. awesome college pics! haha i was very awkward when i was in college and am so thankful that i don't have that many pictures lol

    i got mostly As!

  7. I enjoyed this quiz! Ang galing. :) I am mostly Cs too. I will bookmark this page for future reference. So helpful talaga. I will ask friends din to take this quiz! :)

  8. Welcome, girls. Glad you all liked the quiz! :)


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