Back-To-School Make Up Kit+Makeup Tips for Kolehiyalas

Hola guys! Sorry, this came in too late. But as the saying goes, 'tis better late than never!'

Perhaps some of you guys have already started school this week. But before I talk about makeup, let me congratulate you for you're one step closer to finishing your studies! Yaaaay! And to college freshmen, welcome to one of the most exciting chapters of your academic life. (Gosh, now I miss school!)

Anyway, College is the best time for you to explore since this is the final stage where you'll be groomed and trained in preparation for real life. Better make the most out of this stage now because you won't have the luxury to do so when you're finally working.

One of the biggest queries of a fresh kolehiyala is "What makeup should I wear in college?" I've been through that questioning phase too, and realized that a college girl should 1.) Invest in good and basic makeup 2.) Go for long- wearing makeup 3.) Keep everything light, fresh, and pretty

Take it from me. College requires a lot of walking and traveling--you'll travel from building to building to catch your classes, run errands for your professors, and perform extra curricular and outdoor activities. But these things shouldn't keep you from wearing makeup, and these are not excuses to look exhausted and pardon my French, ugly.

What you want and need are makeups that will keep up with you no matter how hard or busy your day is. So in this entry, I'm going to explain 1, 2, and 3 thoroughly. These are my recommended products that will keep you looking pleasant no matter how long your day in school is.

This is my usual look when I was still in College. Face powder and lipstick were my best buddies in College!

Keep everything light- Simply put, don't pile on makeup, unless you're staying in an air- conditioned room all- day long. Opt for makeups with sheer coverage and lightweight feel. If you need better coverage for your marks and scars, invest in a good concealer so you wouldn't have to apply too much makeup on your whole face.

Buy long- wearing makeup- Look for makeups with the words "Long- Wearing" " 8, 10, 12, or 24 Hour Wear", "Waterproof" "Long Lasting" "Water resistant", and anything that promises enduring coverage. All that running and walking can make your body perspire, and your facial skin oily. We all know that water and oil can cause your makeup to fade, streak, and cake, so invest in makeup that will last.

Invest in good and basic makeup- Now here's the fun and most- awaited part. The word "Invest" is usually associated with something that is pricey but hey, that's not true most of the time because there are a bevy of affordable makeup products in the market that could give the upscale brands a run for their money. I should know! :D

These products are the basic makeups you'll need for everyday wear. I have SPEND and SAVE recommendations, so choose whatever that fits your budget. :)

Click READ MORE for my recommended products!

- These are miracle sticks or should I say, Magic Wands of the makeup world. They can instantly define your eyes with minimal effort!

SPEND: Tony Moly Backstage Self Smoky Eye Collection (P900.00+; The baked duo eyeshadows and gel liner applicator in this kit are nice treats for you!)

- My most favorite makeup product. Long and thick lashes scream chic and beautiful. In fact, you can do without eyeshadows if you're already blessed with naturally long and thick lashes! But to those who aren't so blessed like me, mascara is our best friend. :)

- It's a power product: It improves your skin, conceals blemishes, improves your skin texture, and most importantly, protects your skin from the sun because almost all tinted moisturizers have SPF. Tinted Moisturizers are just like regular moisturizers, but better. You can also save more time by skipping moisturizer during school days and opting for these instead.

SAVE EVEN MORE: Myra- E Tinted Moisturizer (P135.00)

- Comes handy especially when you're always almost late for class. (Martha raises her hand!) You may go for translucent ones just to blot shine, (if you don't like wearing tinted bases) or go for colored ones if you can't spend too much time on preparation.

SPEND: MAC Blot Powder (P1,200.00+)

- The quickest way to look pretty. Cap off your look with a nice touch of blush on your cheeks, and a hint of color on your lips.

SPEND: Benefit Benetint (P1,800.00)

SAVE: Snoe Glam Jam (P119.00)

- Because you don't want your professor to think that you're sleeping in his class! Hit the bathroom (that is, if you're not running late for class) before going to class and curl your lashes for a wide- awake look. Curled lashes can also help you from falling asleep, as droopy lashes can add weight to and pull down your lids, thereby making you feel and look sleepy.

SAVE: Fanny Serrano Eyelash Curler

Oh, and don't forget to smile, take everything lightly, and enjoy school while you're still there! :D

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I didn't know that myra had a tinted moisturizer. Plus its crazy cheap! Is it available in watsons?

  2. haha. i like this post..
    i suddenly remember tuloy my moment in college first day of my 1st yr. college. I fix my blush on and my professor just arrived which was i didn't noticed. He said "go out and fix our self outside". That was my professor and I first encountered.

    can you do a post of a right and proper makeup for a office worker like me.

  3. wow! I'm on a budget so I'll go for "Save" items :) If it's recommended by you, I'm sure the product is good even if they are cheap. Sometimes I have the misconception that if the product is cheap, the result is not that good. thanks for the recommendations :)

  4. i super love this post eventhough the title does not apply to me -- im on my 3rd working year already. :) im not the girly-type who can't live the house without make-up, so i am a newbie when it comes to the basics. and seeing this post helps me a lot, and u even gave me options on your SAVE vs SPEND tips. XD yeah, guess who's elated now? ahaha. so i'm guessing i already some things to do this weekend. ;) thanks Martha. big help! :)

  5. Martha! You look so young and fresh sa photo mo dito. I have the fanny serrano eyelash curler. based on the spend and save, might try the maybelline mascara. I know I can save more kasi minsan nakikita ko na may 30% off sila. So it's really a good buy lalo na sa students :)

  6. Hi Ms. Martha! :) I so love this blog.. It indicates good product you can choose to spend if you have that much budget for your vanity or not. Hmmm.. Ms. Martha, would you know the difference of BB cream and tinted moisturizer?.. Which is better?..Thanks :)

  7. awwww, i miss school! Love this post even if I'm out of school for a long time na, hihihi....

  8. Sherlina: yes! they have! I saw one in Mercury Drug. Not sure if it's in Watson's, but you can check :)

    Issa: haha. ditto!

    lechique: hi dear!

    BB Cream- meant to be used as base, although today's commercial bb creams are thicker, and much better if used on their own to prevent caking.

    Tinted moisturizer- can be used as is

    Personally, I go for Tinted Moisturizer. :)

    Kath: hi there! been meaning to try that also. might pick it up in one of my mall trips :)

    Ica: awww. thank you! welcome to tbj! :D

    khyutee: glad this helped you! :D

    rochelle: noted! :D and thanks for sharing! :D

  9. thanks Ms. Martha, I'll wait and stay tuned for that :) thanks

  10. I wanted to try benetint.. but i just don't know how to use liquid cheek tints.. ;((

  11. "SAVE EVEN MORE" Hahaha! I love it! This is such a great blog post. :)

  12. where can i buy that laura mercier?? i've been hunting that. :) and the benetint looks worth trying.. :P

  13. Marjorie: Will post a video tutorial!

    Ayiish: Laura Mercier is available in Rustan's. :)

    Bing: thanks dear! :D

  14. Hi Ms. Martha, thank you this. This is very informative. Anyway, can you make an updated version of this one? Better yet, a version for corporate gals? I found your blog entry for corporate make ups but it doesn't include any make up recommendations. I hope you can find the time to make something like this one!

    Thank you for your blog posts! Please continue to inspire other people to become more beautiful and confident.


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