January Favorites

Wow, that was fast. January felt like it just happened yesterday! Hmmm...This means I have to step up my game. Well, I think I've been doing good enough but I'm not satisfied with it. So my mantra this February is: I DON'T ACCEPT EXCUSES. ONLY RESULTS!

Oh! You're there guys! :D Sorry, you caught me talking with myself. LOL! Anyway, January is over so that means it's time for me to do a round up of my monthly favorites. :)

- A skin- perfecting foundation that reminds me of Illamasqua's Skin Base foundation. It's one of the full- coverage foundations out there that looks very, very natural. Been using it a lot last month!

- A gentle spot remover that is effective enough to get rid of small zits. (Because I'm saving my Kiehl's Dermatologist Solutions Blemish Control Skin- Clearing Treatment for bigger and more persistent zits!) It's very economical to use, and the bottle is huge!

- I love Chanel and I love Red lipstick, and this one combines the two! It's also a beautiful vintage red shade that pops beautifully on any skin tone. It has been my go- to red lipstick last month.

- In one of my posts, I've mentioned that I've dealt with cold sores last January-this has been one of my go- to lipsticks (along with VMV Hypoallergenic's Lip Tint) because its balmy texture creates a protective barrier on my cold sore, thus preventing it from being ruptured accidentally. And the color is absolutely gorgeous too!

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- Rather than a retouching powder, I use this as a regular setting powder because it's translucent enough to be used on any type of foundation, but it magically tames any minor discoloration on my skin. Amazing! I've abused this so much last month and I definitely have to give it a break this February. Otherwise, I'll use it up quickly. (ACK! It's P3,200.00!)

- On light foundations, I use this. It helps adjust light foundations to my skin tone, and it has a superb skin smoothening effect as well.

- Do you have those months when you just unconsciously stick with one palette for your daily looks? Well, that was the case for me and Bobbi Brown Rich Caviar Eyeshadow Palette last month. It is because I find that this palette is pretty complete: its colors are good for daytime and nighttime wear.


- Ah, a new favorite of mine! It's another wearable gourmand perfume!

- This baby never fails to give me an airbrushed finish! And the gold tube is too pretty to miss! I've been using it almost everyday, most especially on blushes.

- Has superb cooling properties, and it gets absorbed easily--no waiting time before I wear my shoes! And the tub is very huge too!


- I just discovered it last month and I love it already. It has a light lily fragrance that effectively gets rid of that typical cabinet smell, most especially if you have too many clothes!

That's all folks! Can't wait to let you guys know what my favorites will be this February! Have a great Friday! :)

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Now ko lang nalaman yang zenzes peperint foot lotion and I'm tempted to buy. Does it feel fresh po ba?

  2. Mapapabili n ko ng palgantong na ysn. Oh what a weird name. I remember u mentioning it from before n it has heavy coverage which is what i nid. Among ur items of the month posts, i lov ur december itrms the most. Kadi meron ako nong meron ka na snoe conditioner and cleansing shampo hahah

  3. so many great favorite things.can't beleive that ZenZest has now a deodorizer too

  4. Ooooh! I'm so intrigued about the Prada perfume. I hope you can make a more detailed review about it. Thanks for this post! :)

  5. I'm happy to know the cabinet deodorizer works! I'm gonna check it out. Cabinets tend to get a certain kind of odor even when they're frequently aired out.

  6. Sis, do you have a review of the peppermint foot lotion? Pede din ba sa lalake to? Hehehe (for le hubby kasi)

  7. I'm tempted to get myself a Palgantong Theatrical Powder lalo na may sale sa multiply. Kaso I have to finish pa may other powders. I should have that Cabinet Deodorizer din, that's a must have for my room. :)

  8. will wit on your review on snoe spot on :)

  9. the bobbi brown retouching powder why your so fricking expensive? haha!
    i want to try that cabinet deodorizer..

  10. me too! how did the prada edp scored on you??? that coco chanel and black honey is about to make on my list of favorites too..provided i get a hold of them the soonest possible time! ;p
    hope itll do better on my lips too just like on yours ms. martha :)

  11. I never heard of cabinet deodorizers.. Only moth balls. haha great list, Ms M! Since you posted about palgantong, I'm really tempted to buy but I don't know where. Sure to check that amazing products from zenzest. :)

  12. Most of the items you poster are new to me. :) I think I have to try the products from Zen Zest and Snoe. :D

  13. rare and pricey of few, do you have a review on deodorizer?I was curious.hihi

  14. Jan mitchelle: hi and welcome to tbj! yes! feels very refreshing on the feet! :D

    Ohms: Yes I have. Please go to the archive and click the ZEN ZEST label. :)

    Kandis: Yes, you should! In my opinion, these are some of the best local brands we have! :)

    Desire: Lol! Moth balls--used to use them a lot, then I realized, they smell bad!

    Marsied: Best way to find out if black honey will look good on you is to look up for reviews written by someone who seems to have the same skin color and undertone as you. That's what I do, most especially if there's no way for me to try the product. Regarding Prada EDP, I love it! I'll write an in-depth review soon. :)

    Jenny: lol! agree!

    Marie Andrea: Noted! :D

    ELoise: LOL! Thanks for sharing. Yes, palgantong is mighty fine. I love it! :D

    Arya: They have the deodorizers ever since. :)

    Aviva: So true, especially that sour, warm smell coming from a cabinet chock full of clothing. :p


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