5 Sound Reasons To Use An Eye Cream + 5 Great Eye Creams

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I'm a self- confessed Eye Cream freak and I am not ashamed of it-I think Eye Cream is one of the most important beauty products next to lipstick for me!

How long have I been using eye cream? Hmmm...around 4 years perhaps, and that is consistent! A lot may say that an eye cream is just an extra expense that one can skip or a marketing ploy of brands, but based on experience, the skin can really benefit from eye cream (provided that it is good) and the habit. (I've photos below! :D)

I'm sharing five good reasons why you should start the eye cream habit now, plus my favorite eye creams after the break.

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1. Combat the signs of aging

- Your age will show on your hands, neck, and guess what? Your eyes! If not moisturized, hydrated, and cared for properly with an eye cream, your eyes may age faster or exhibit signs of aging more prominently than others. Using an eye cream is one of the ways to aging gracefully!

2. Makes concealer application much easier

- A moisturizing eye cream, if used religiously and for a period of time, will make your primping time faster and easier, and will give you a no- sweat, flawless and smooth concealer finish-always.

3. One of the keys to getting uniform skin tone

- Droopy, dark, puffy under eye skin or orbital eye area cast a nasty shadow down your cheeks and simply give your face a different tone, making your entire complexion look uneven. If you get rid of this with the help of lightening and wrinkle- minimizing eye creams, your face will look more radiant, fresher, and younger even without a highlighter! :)

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4. Protects your skin from sun damage and dryness

- The skin on your under eyes experience dryness and is vulnerable to sun damage too. For daytime, look for an eye cream that has hydrating properties and SPF as well.

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5. It's a good habit

- Great skin, aside from using great products, is a result of a great skin care habit. A great skin care habit is caring from the most prominent part of the face such as the cheeks down to the easily forgotten parts such as the under eye area. When you think about it, this habit can also have a positive effect on the other parts of your life as it teaches you the value of discipline and perseverance! ;)

By now, I hope you're more than convinced to start using eye creams. When's the best time to start using an eye cream? I say when you are in your mid-20's or when you have dry skin, a skin type that is prone to accelerated aging. If you have no wrinkles to deal with, a moisturizing, SPF- infused eye cream should do the trick! Always remember to use the eye cream that is well- suited to your under eye needs and concern.

Here are my five favorite eye creams:

Do you have any Eye Cream- related questions for me? Let me know and I shall answer them below. :)

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Eye cream is one product I really need! I have only tried Etude House Moistfull Super Collagen Eye Concentrate and Garnier Light Eye Roll On.

    I like Nivea's COQ10 Plus Firming Body Lotion. I'd like to try their eye cream as well!

  2. i already bookmarked "Nivea COQ10 Plus Eye Cream" from your previous review ms m! because it is budget friendly and easy to find! (i saw one and bought mine from watsons!) the first two on your list is bit expensive for a budget mom like me =)

    i think nivea, hayan and celeteque were eyecreams that fits a student and a mom on budget one

    i dunno where i saw this one:
    "The bags you're seeing under my eyes are my PRADA" (it just made me smile and remembered my eyebags)

  3. I'm using an eye cream as well. The one from Hayan and I'm loving it. I think it has the Q10 something like the Nivea. I also religiously use eye creams so that my undereyes would not become dark. :) Thanks for the suggestions! And the tips! Super helpful

  4. INFORMATIVE post :)I'm nearing my late 20's and I cannot help but agree that aging shows near our eyes. I also use glasses regularly and lo and behold my under eye area is always the first to exhibit tiredness.I just use Rosehip Oil though and try to drink enough water.These also help ;)

  5. I really need a good eye cream. Thanks for sharing this, Miss Martha! I'll try #5.

  6. I'm nearing 20 years old and I already can spy lines around my eyes! My friends sometimes point it out too, that's how bad it is! I definitely need to start using one.

  7. True this. I started using eye cream in my late 20s. Back then didnt think I need it but now I totally cannot go without. Really pays to start good skincare as early as you can.

  8. I just turned 26 a few days ago and.. Honestly I never tried eye creams.. But after your review maybe I should.
    For one, most eye creams are pricey and I don't think there would be any drastic changes like my eye bags will disappear but your suggestions here seem good enough to try atleast. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  9. Mom and I have started using Pond's Age Miracle Firm and Lift Eye Contour Lifter (from my loot as The Beauty Junkee's February COM). Visible result even after the first application! Can't wait to try Pond's Age Miracle Dual Action Eye Cream as well. Thanks again! :)

  10. Very informative. Didnt know this. I should use an eye cream. Will try the Nivea eye cream soon thanks.

  11. What for you is the best eye cream to avoid/combat puffy eyes? Please answer:-)

  12. Nice article with informative content. Which eye creams you have shared in this article it’s all are very helpful to treat dark circles & decrease puffiness of eyes. Get more information about organic eye creams visit us now.


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