FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Where to get your hair fixed for Prom

Kung Hei Fat Choi, ladies! Before I proceed with our FMF for today, I'm sending you some luck through this dragon dance video. :D


As early as now, I am already receiving tons of Prom- related queries and now I'm missing that stage in my life so much! :D You know, the first encounters with makeup and fixing yourself meticulously, getting hell excited to meet your friends and compare gowns (lol), and checking out your crushes and some guys in suits and gushing about them all night long. :D Ah, those were the days.

Our FMF was by 15- year old Clarissa and she asks:

Hi Ate Martha! 
Or should I say, ate The Beauty Junkee! I'm 15 years old and I'm going to attend our school's Prom by the 3rd week of February. I know how to do my makeup (thanks to your blog), but not my hair. Can you please recommend some good salons? Would appreciate it if you can also recommend some affordable ones. Thank you and more power! 
Your fan,

Hello Clarissa!

Question: Are you the 15- year old version of me? Haha! Because like you, I can do my makeup even while I'm sleeping, but I could not fix my hair to save my life. This is one of my frustrations and I've been wanting to focus on it for the longest time-it's a shame because I'm a Beauty Blogger, but have zero talent on hair styling! :p Oh well! I'll try to focus on it real soon!

The salons I will recommend to you are the ones that I have tried-I also have reviews for them so please just click the highlighted titles below each photo. Whether you prefer plain styling, dyeing, or treatment, I have suggestions! Click READ MORE now! :)


- America's hippest styling salon is you go- to place for fancy hairstyles. It's a salon dedicated to styling and blow- drying only and they can do any hairstyle you want in 45 minutes to an hour. They also have set hairstyles that you can just choose from, or you can bring a photo of your preferred hairstyle and ask them to recreate it on you.

Blo is located in SM Megamall, Powerplant Mall, and Serendra, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

If you have limp, straight hair and would want to sport mega volume on your Prom night, I would recommend salon Beauvoir because Sam Santos, the owner, is an expert on this. I have very thin hair and he was able to make it look big and poufy!


Fab Salon is a good and affordable salon. I have tried their simple hot oil treatment to keep my locks frizz- free and sleek all day.

Fab Salon is located in Valero, Makati

- Lourd uses Davines, a premium all- natural hair care line. It's best for young hair, not to mention Lourd is one of the talented and most sought after stylists in the country. I tried their Davines Intensive Hair Mask treatment to keep my locks looking healthy and moisturized, and it lasts!

Creations is located in Pasay Road, Ortigas, and Glorietta 5, Makati City

- Bench FIX Salon is where you can find L'Oreal's Steampod service, a gentle way to rebond and straighten hair. I tried Steam Care and it kept my hair really smooth, frizz- free, and soft for at least two days even without applying leave- in products.


Regine's is one of me and my mom's trusted salons. They've been around since forever and they still have most of their original stylists! They have the latest version of the INOA hair color which is gentler and prevents hair from turning stiff even after the actual treatment.

Regine's Salon is located in The Link, Makati City

- This salon has been around for a long time already too, and they offer one of the cheapest rates for hair coloring in the metro.

Benefits Salon is located in E.Rodriguez, near Eastwood City

- Like Benefits, Entice has one of the cheapest rates for hair coloring and if you prefer sporting the hip hairstyles of K-Pop and some known Asian stars, you can ask for William Wong, the creative director of the salon.

Entice Salon is located in Hanston Square, San Miguel Ave., Ortigas

- Jing Monis is one of the trusted hair stylists around town. What I like about his salon is he thoroughly checks your hair's condition first before proceeding with the treatments. ;)

Jing Monis is located in Greenbelt 1, Makati City

- If you have a lil' cash to spare, take a trip to Juro Exclusif salon to be groomed by Rose and Jude, the couple who trained some of the notable hair stylists today. I thought at first that they're expensive, but realized later on that most commercial salons charge the same rate as they do. Jude trained in the prestigious Vidal Sassoon Hair Academy too!

There you go and I hope you found this post helpful! I would also like to share a heartwarming email from Cristina, one of my readers:

Hi Sis, 
Good day 
First of, I'd just like to congratulate you on your success and your blog.  
When I want to check out the latest in make up trends and reviews on  
certain products I want to try, I check your site out...even instragram at  
times! :) Very helpful indeed! And I love that you post photos of your  
before and after looks on product reviews , because it really does help to  
see if its worth spending on for us pinays on a budget. 
I saw you in Greenbelt one time and was so proud to point out to my hubby  
that you're the blogger I follow for make up tips and what not :P hihi! You  
look so much better in person, dear. Very beautiful tan you've got going on.

Thank you, Cristina. :)

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  1. These are the days when I wanna go back to high school to just experience prom again so I can apply all the make-up and hairstyling tips I've learned from beauty bloggers like you. I did my make-up and hair on my prom nights cause I was too afraid that salons will make me look gay or too mature or too made -up. Lol My peg for prom was always to be simple. Hehe.

  2. Happy Chinese New Year Ms. M! :)

    My frustration is also hair styling wahh, I can now do my own makeup but I totally have no idea how to do my hair. Is there a hair styling class out there for people like me? I guess I'll have to stick to the salons for now. Thanks to this post, I'll have a number of options to choose from. I don't even have my suki hairstylist as of now so this is really a great help! :)

  3. love your hair color, may branch sila dito sa cebu???♥

  4. hairstyling is one difficult thing to do or even decide specially in a special occasions~

  5. nice one.. I usually go to the salon for haircuts and treatments..but I usually do my own hairstyle. I even do my kids hair once in a while...I guess it was something I was good at when I was a kid ....
    Its kind of given when you have long hair.
    I even remember my classmates way back in highschool asking me to either braid their hair or fix a bun :D

  6. I'm also clueless when it comes to styling my hair, hihi. I'm a ponytail girl for as long as I can remember. So for special occassions I am dependent on salons too. :)

    Our friendly neighborhood salon is my suki, she knows my hair very well and I think that's important too when picking out where to style yur hair. :)


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