FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: My favorite Face, Body, and Foot Scrubs

It's finally the weekend and maybe this FMF is something that you'll find handy? Why? Because it's all about scrubbing, a favorite weekly beauty routine of many. Today, I'm sharing my favorite scrubs for the face, body, and feet! Question is from Diona:

Hi Martha! 
What are your have body scrubs for the face, body, and feet? 

Hi Diona!

I actually have a lot of favorites, but if I only have to choose a few, these would be it:

- I simply love it because it's pure, simple, and doesn't contain whitening ingredients-it's hard to find a face scrub that doesn't contain a tinge of whitening/lightening agent so this is why Buffing Grains is my fave, even if it's a lil' pricey!

- When my skin is feeling particularly tender, I reach for this because this is the undisputed gentlest facial scrub I have ever tried!

- When my skin really feels gritty and looks dull, this tough scrubber does the trick. Simply put, it's microdermabrasion in a tub and it has cooling properties that help shrink pores too! I have reviewed the entire set of Awesome Poresome HERE too!

Revealing my favorite scrubs for the body and feet after the cut!

- An old timer! This is my mom and I's favorite drugstore body scrub because it exfoliates and smooths skin at the same time with its ultra creamy base!


- The one I use for my underarms to keep 'em looking even and on my bikini area to keep those ingrown hairs at bay. This is very rich in granules and a small amount goes a long way!

- The Body Shop has always been my go-to brand for body scrubs (I'm sure a lot of you do too!) because they've got the yummiest recipes and I love how the look and feel of their scrubs bring me back to nature! :D

- This all- natural line has the yummiest- looking (and smelling) body scrubs in my opinion--another plus factor is they work incredibly well in polishing my skin too!

- If my gentle facial scrub is Cure, then this is my gentle scrub for the body: The Cream Factory Body Scrub. It has a super, duper creamy base and is lightly sprinkled with all- natural scrubbers, which makes it a perfect twice to thrice a week body treat.

- Whenever I'm feeling #LikeADonya, this is one of the body scrubs that I go for. It has beneficial Dead Sea Salt and a unique oil base that really gives me silky, smooth skin that's red carpet- worthy. ;)

- This exotic scrub luxuriously cleanses my skin and invigorates my senses at the same time-totally a #LikeADonya body treat. :D

- In frugal times, Zen Zest's tried and tested body scrubs do the trick. They're lavishly moisturizing and are generous on scrubbers-for only P250.00, this product delivers more than expected.

- Frankly, I haven't explored the world of Foot Scrubs that much because I am quite contented with Zen Zest's Foot Care Set. The exfoliating foot scrub is my favorite because aside from the fact that it comes in a huge tub, it does the job excellently too. The Peppermint Foot Spray is the only foot spray I use whenever I have to wear closed shoes because it keeps foot odor at bay, but doesn't feel too drying.

That's all! Ever tried any of these scrubs? Let me know your thoughts and your favorites at the comment section! :)

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ms. M, you should be bagging the country's top beauty blogger award, I swear. You are my Kris Aquino in make-up coz like her, I know I can trust it when you say that this one's good and that one is not. In fact, I junked my makeup loot and is now in search of your most recommended babies. :)

    More power to TBJ!

  2. Wow, so much body scrubs. :) I'm also using the gluta c and asian secret and I'm satisfied as well. I find some of body shop's body scrub too strong for my nose (regarding the smell), so I get the subtler ones. :) Such a good list though! Will try others that you recommended when I've finished my other body scrubs. :)

  3. Asian secret is really good! It made my elbows whiter :) Thank you for answering my question! :)

  4. Annatwyla: Awww, that's so sweet! :) Thank you very much. :) Glad to have you as a reader! :)

    Abegaill: Thanks for sharing! :D

    Dio: Welcome! :)

  5. I am interested in Bobbi Brown too... I want to try the Buffing Grains. The aqua gel doesn't look a scrub at all. Its good to know about gentle exfoliant such as the cream factory. Woah, that's a ton of body scubs ha...

  6. I love Gluta C scrub, that's my buddy when I'm in bath, it really relaxes me. I'll try Bobbi brown maybe next month, hahah. Thanks for this. More power and Godbless.

  7. Is the Asian Secrets whitening scrub really effective for whitening? If so, which one?


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