FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Best Products For Newbies To Contouring?

I think yesterday was the hottest day of 2017 and I'm dreading the next days because I feel that it's going to be much hotter! Remember to hydrate always, guys!

Our question for today is all about contouring and it's from Maricel:

I am new to makeup an would like to explore the effects of contouring for my chubby face Which is easier to use? for makeup beginners? The Cream or Powder contour?

Hi Maricel!

Thanks for the query! Powder is always the best choice for any makeup newbie, especially with contouring because it's easy to manipulate, fix, less intimidating, and requires less techniques.

Cream, on the other hand, is best for intermediate to advanced users, but of course this is not set in stone; if you're up for the challenge despite your newbie status, then go ahead, use it and experiment!

Cream is actually used as a base to make products last longer and in this case, to make contouring powder last longer.

Here are powder contouring products that I'd recommend:

Hope you like this! Happy Friday, everyone!

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. guuurl, you look gorgeous as always. great tips!

  2. Yeah yesterday is recorded to be the hottest this year kaya pala sobrang init talaga yesterday iba talaga. hahahaha. Most of the time I heard that most people use contouring to like hide or make an illusion that the face is not so round or something like that what are the parts of the face that needs contouring as well no matter the shape of the face?

  3. I agree that yesterday was the hottest! I went to the mall and stay there until 6pm. :'( On the other hand, I agree also that powder is more beginner friendly! Surprisingly, I also like the Happy Skin Contour Kit as it fits all skintones and doesn't look too muddy or orangey. Same goes with Hoola bronzer but I prefer the one from Happy Skin as it also has a highlighter. :) Mac Harmony is a blush (i think) but looks good for that natural, almost none, fresh kind of contour. I tried it several times and I am saving for one because it is hella expensive.

  4. I'm a newbie in contouring too. I also use a darker shade of powder but not particularly a contouring product. Good thing my friend send me a Benefit Cheekaton palette with contour, blush and highlight to use and so I could practice my makeup skills using it.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions Ms. M. Up to now, contouring is still a challenge for me. Will check out some of these products.

  6. I have Maybelline contouring stick and unfortunately, I still am learning on how to do it (contouring) properly! I can do nose line pero hindi ko pa rin ma-perfect paano i-contour ang cheeks ko. Ugh. More more practice I guess. ^-^

  7. Hapiness when you see your idol noticing you and answering your question. Thanks Ms. M for the tips. Your look like a morena goddess in the picture, very outstanding and most importantly thanks for the tip. Will try the BYS since its 4-in-1 with 2 bronzer, contour and highlight plus its also accesible and affordable. So excited for the result of my attempt to contour and highlight my face.

  8. I dont know how to do that contouring effect and you are so pretty Ms M, parang model.

  9. I remember the first time i tried contouring! My cheek contour almost reached my lips! Haha! I only do contouring when i have lots of time to prepare and for special occasions only. I still can't do it as quickly and perfectly as others.
    I did a subtle nose contouring on my daughter on her Recognition day and her nose looked more pointed on the photos. She loved it!

  10. Thanks for the tip! Im currently pregnant and my face became so rounded :) need to do a little contouring nowadays. Will look into your suggestions right away :)

  11. Im a newbie to trying out latest makeup, but thanks for the amazing insights


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