My Favorite Luxury Powder Blush Products

I got around to playing with my makeups yesterday; I just laid them out on the floor, admiring them in all their glory. :D

For some reason, I focused on my blush collection while playing and realized that almost all blushes I have are from luxury brands and also realized that I am actually fond of luxury blush brands! So here are my favorite luxury blush brands and I'm telling you why I love them!


- My go- to blush for pinks and mattes; Bobbi's pinks are the most universal pinks I've seen and their matte blush is the most pigmented yet the most natural- looking.

- I think Laura Mercier's blush are pretty underrated locally; time for you guys to know that she makes matte blushes with the softest finish and she's got a lot of shades that will warm up fair skin tones naturally. P.S. Her packaging is so handy too!

- If you want a blush that gives you the 'lit-from-within' glow like literally, Chanel it is.

- The cult favorite, of course! MAC's color range is so varied; whether you're looking for something that will give you a super natural flush or a strong pop of unique color, this brand has something to offer.

- Newest fave luxury blush; aside from its too cute packaging, it has amazing pigmentation and it's the longest- wearing powder blush I have owned!

- For the most adventurous shades, Illamasqua is my bet; I love their silky matte formula too!

- What I love aout Giorgio Armani's blush is it yields color that is there, but looks like it isn't there (you get what I mean?), and the micro shimmer gives skin a radiant glow.

- I can't imagine anyone disliking Benefit's Box 'O Powders! These are pocketable, pigmented blushes that never fail to brighten your day just because they're so cute My favorite from their range is Rockateur forever!

That's it for my list! What are your favorite luxury powder blushes? Any luxury powder blush you're eyeing to buy in the future? :)

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I am fond of cute packaging as well so I love the Too Faced powder blush and I also like that is longer lasting coz I am too lazy to put on blush every now and then :))) <3 <3 <3

  2. Sad to say nothing. Can't afford eh, I'm a full time mom and a wife kase. Walang pambili ng mamahalin. Abangers sa sale pero dapat ubusin muna yung current makeup bago bumili ng bago.

  3. currently using MAC. since you've shared during your party na fave mo benefit I want to try it too! and too faced because of your previous review. looking for affordable ones din na I can wear everyday.

  4. great blog.your blog always useful and great.thanks for sharing it.

  5. I'm thinking of buying a Too Faced blush just like yours. You've been mentioning it a lot in your blog posts that it must be that good! Still thinking though... It has a hefty price tag! Huhu.

  6. My cousin (she's a freelance MUA) favors too face blushes for his bridal clients because they stays on until the end of reception

  7. TF blush is so pretty I would like to try it and also Chanel. Also, I'm quite intrigue with NARS Orgasm blush. Now that they have launched a super-sized version of it.

  8. Grabeeee only if i could buy such stuffs likes this. Haha they're really expensive!! Gustong gusto ko mag karon ng too faced love flush simula nung nag karon ako ng sweet peach palette parang gusto ko na lahat ng too faced na makeup! Haha! Heaven yung collection mo ng blushes Ms. Martha 😭😭😭❤️

  9. I love Tarte Amazonian Clay and NARS blushes! Tarte is very long-wearing, it stays on my cheeks for a good 12 hours and has lots of color selections too. While NARS introduced me into using blushes that have specks of glitters. I now know why Orgasm was so popular; if you think about a Unicorn's puke, that's probably it. LOL. I would love to try Chanel, Benefit, Clinique and Too Faced blushes too, but I got no extra moolah. Hehe :)

  10. the only luxe blush that i have tried since i began loving makeup is one I got as gift which is the Nars Blush in deep throat good thing that i found a dupe of it tru Mary Kay in Shy Blush!

    i love your picks ms M! MAC and Illamasqua will always be close to your heart hihi

  11. nice haul of blushes! i been using the inglot shade 27-28 it has a good pigmented your too faced blushes,too cute to resist:)

  12. I've been looking for a blush that will really give a nice result and that will last longer. Thank you for sharing your picks :D

  13. Majority of the blushes in the post above are not luxury items, it's just high end blushes.


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