FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: My recommended foundations over P1000 2016 (Late Post)

Inspired by last week's Fan Mail Fridays: My Recommended Foundations Under P1,000, Molly, one of my readers, asked about my recommended foundations over P1,000. This is just a late post, I intend it to be a round up of my favorite foundation finds from the previous years until 2016. 2017 henceforth, I shall be doing a yearly round up of my favorite foundation finds. :)

Hey Martha!
Thanks for the extensive list of your recommended foundations under 1000. Now I'd like to ask what are your recommended ones over P1,000?

PRICE: P1,600.00+
FROM: Sephora Singapore
GREAT FOR: Oily skin; blemished skin

Superb lasting power and coverage;  feels light weight despite the full coverage; lasts for more than 15 hours.

PRICE: P1,500.00+
GREAT FOR: Normal skin; combination oily-normal skin

Great coverage, but looks natural; great pigmentation; lightweight and long- lasting.
PRICE: P2,700.00
GREAT FOR: Normal skin; dry skin; combination oily-normal skin

Looks very natural in photos; good staying power; conceals and covers effectively without the cakey look and feel.

GOOD FOR: Oily skin; combination oily-normal skin

Good coverage and oil control; doesn't feel dry despite the semi- dry texture; my HG powder foundation.

GOOD FOR: Dry skin; normal skin

Smoothing and incredibly pigmented; doesn't look chalky on skin; melts on skin and looks very natural; great coverage; my HG powder foundation.

PRICE: P2,650.00
GREAT FOR: Oily skin; combination oily-normal skin

Great coverage and staying power, but lightweight; controls oil and coverage lasts for hours; oil- free and won't clog skin.

PRICE: P2,450.00
GREAT FOR: All skin types

Lightweight, breathable, and provides a skin- like coverage, yet has good concealing properties.

PRICE: P2,350.00
GREAT FOR: Dry skin; combination oily-normal skin; normal skin; dull skin

Great coverage and good staying power; hydrates and nourishes skin; uplifts skin and makes it look healthy and glowing.

PRICE: P2,350.00
GREAT FOR: Dry skin; normal skin

Moisturizes and hydrates; good staying power; good concealing power.

GREAT FOR: Oily skin; combination oily-normal skin

Makes skin appear plump and lifted; lightweight; good coverage and staying power; has good oil control.

PRICE: P2,850.00
GREAT FOR: All skin types

One of the first HD foundations made; conceals, covers, and corrects without the heaviness; looks great in camera; great staying power.

PRICE: P1,950.00
GREAT FOR: Dry and normal skin

Hydrating and breathable; provides medium coverage and makes skin look healthy.

PRICE: P1,200.00+
GREAT FOR: Normal, dry, and combination oily-normal and dry-normal skin

Great coverage and staying power; my HG cream foundation.

PRICE: P1,695.00
GREAT FOR: Dry and normal skin

Great coverage, good staying power; comes in handy packaging.

PRICE: P1,399.00 (REFILLS AT P799.00)
GREAT FOR: Normal skin; combination oily-normal skin; combination dry-normal skin

Hydrating coverage; good coverage and staying power; great for setting makeup on the under eyes.

PRICE: P1,988.00
GREAT FOR: Oily skin; combination oily-normal skin

Medium to heavy coverage; stays fresh the whole day; great staying power.

PRICE: P2,400.00
GREAT FOR: Oily skin; combination oily-normal skin; blemished skin

Amazing staying power and coverage; great for outdoor events; does not oxidize.

PRICE: P2,690.00
GREAT FOR: Combination oily-normal skin; combination oily-dry skin

Light, moisturizing feel, but good coverage; good staying power; comes in a leak- free, handy packaging.

GREAT FOR: All skin types

A classic everyday powder foundation with medium coverage; helps improve wear time and coverage of liquid bases.

PRICE: P2,800.00
GREAT FOR: Normal, dry, combination oily-normal skin; aging skin; dull skin

Skin care and makeup in 1; has good coverage and staying power.

PRICE: P1,400.00+
GREAT FOR: Normal skin; blemished skin; combination dry-normal and oily-normal skin

Great coverage, but looks natural; good staying power; concealer, foundation, and corrector in one.

That's all and I hope you all enjoyed this list! Watch out for my foundation finds this 2017!

My recommended foundations below P1,000 for 2016 HERE.

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24 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love Estee Lauder!!!!! I love the packaging and I love how it looks on your skin when you use it in your previous blog. But I know all the other brands as well to be good.

    1. Yup! These are amazing and I use them all on rotation and would even repurchase! :)

  2. Wowowow! Maharlika..pero for sure they deliver great coverage and pak na pak na makeup look. Anyways, if I remember it right un fave mo is un Kat Von D., nakisuyo ka kay Say na magpabili sa Sephora. Yan dn po ba un foundation na ok magcover ng tatoo!?

  3. OMG! So cute! I love the monster packaging a lot!!

  4. Wow! so many to choose from! Is there any difference when using high end and drug store foundations (aside from price of course)? My expectations are very high since the price is also high too. :)

    1. Staying power and coverage, in general. Pricier brands tend to have better pigmentation and shade range, and packaging, of course! :)

  5. Grabe ang mamahal ng funda Pero worth it naman siguro. Sana maka avail ako kahit isa haha maybelline dream satin ang ginagamit ko tipid na Tipid ko pa. Request din po miss Martha Ano po marecommend mo na funda na affordable Pero good quality

    1. I believe i blogged about the affordable foundations that I blog. It's here! :)

  6. Wow. Dameng choices, kala ko wala akong makikita na ginagamit ko eh. Nagulat ako nakita ko ung Happy Skin. I have that Happy Skin Don't Get Mad Get Even Hydrating Powder Foundation, bday gift ni husband, last last sale pa nila, may free pang Liquid Foundation. Kaya sulit bili. Hehehe

  7. Too pricey 🖐 but worth it namam ang gaganda ng claims. Thanks for the reviews Ms. Martha 💗💗💗

  8. Haynako, when will Kat Von D be available here in the Philippines :( I do not buy foundations online kasi I don't rely on swatches, gusto ko nakikita ko talaga how it looks on my skin. And I'm a Bobbi Brown freak kaya puro ganon bases ko. But I wanna try MUFE!

    1. I love bobbi too! Mufe is good as well. Yeah, I wish KVD will be available here soon! :D

  9. Yahooooo.... what a price!? Hehe subra mahal ms. Martha but it looks na maganda siya lalo na sa may oily face. So pricey :-)

  10. MUFE's been in my wishlist for so long. Though lately Poise and cargo caught my fancy

  11. We've got a wide range of choices. 😊😊😊 Wanna try Shiseido brand since it creates hype in social media sites. But oh I notice Shu UeMURA but it's so MAHAL ah. hahahaha.

    1. Shiseido is amazing! I love this brand from their skin care to foundations. :)


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