FOTD: Shine Bright Like A Diamond

I am thinking real hard for a witty title for this post, but seems like I left my brain on the pillow. :p Since I'm listening to Rihanna's 'Diamond', I just pulled out my favorite line and typed it in the title bar.

I've been playing with this Sparkle Liner set from Girlactik (Oooh new brand! Will write about it this week!) ever since I acquired it. I've mused for a number of times that I am not a huge fan of glitter- based makeup, but if we're talking about ultra sparkly glitter pigments, now that's a different story. I love the way glitter pigments make my eyes twinkle and make it look...astounding. For my preferred avant garde makeup item, it's glitter pigments or nothing.

I think I'll be incorporating this look in my night makeup routine. So far, that's what's new about me lately. Oh! There is another one. Can you guess? Clue: It's in the photo! :)

A shining, shimmering, splendid Monday to everyone! :)

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love sparkly eyeshadows... but I have yet to come across sparkly eye liners! :) yay can't wait to see your review

  2. bet ko ito ms m =) looks purple for me =) i can sport this color of e/s at night/events =)

    yay for new brand =) is it asian?

  3. aw sparkly eyeshadows don't work on me :( but this is gorgeous on you ms. m :)

  4. how long does it stay sis ? i love sparkle !

  5. BrownOso: Will talk about the brand first. :)

    Rhain: It's American :)

    Yuki Gucci: Hi there and welcome to my blog! Stays pretty much all day. :)

    CJ:Thanks! :)

  6. I have a lot of sparkling eyeshadows! I love them! :) And this looks great on you!! <3


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