Job Interview Makeup: Spend and Save+Job Interview Beauty and Fashion Tips

Graduates of class 2013, congratulations for making it this far and welcome to the real world! I hope you have enjoyed your summer. Believe me, I hate to burst your bubble, but I just have to tell you the truth here: Break is over and you now have your first task as a real adult and that is to (drumroll please) FIND A JOB! I understand that you still want to savor your freedom and that's okay! However, if you don't speed up, you'll be left behind in this crazy rat race so start early, be successful early, and retire early! Oh, that's just life-it could get so extreme and demanding most of the time, but it's always fun! :)

Now before you dream of receiving that golden paycheck with your two, excited hands, you have to dream of passing the job interview first. The operative word in job interviews? IMPRESS. If you're not afraid of the questions, then good, but you must look damn fine physically so when you enter that door, the HR will immediately think that you're the manager he/she's looking for!

The fashion part, we'll discuss that later. I'm going to tackle first what I'm good at and that's makeup. Here's my version of the Job Interview makeup: It's very clean and simple, and the eyes and lips-the features that the interviewer will always stare at during the entire interview-are elegantly highlighted. I chose Red lipstick because it's a symbol of power and class, aside from the fact that this color makes me feel good and confident. I would highly suggest that you choose a lip color that makes you feel good.

The looks in the two photos are very much the same, except that one costs P16,245.00+ and the other, P3,714.00. Can you tell which is the Spend and Save look? Click READ MORE and find out!

Urban Decay Primer Potion- Around P1,500.00+ for a full- sized version

TOTAL: P16,245.00


Etude House Surprise Concealer Palette- P298.00
BYS Brow Pencil- Around P300.00
Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara- P250.00

TOTAL: P3,714.00

Now before you go to your job interview, I'll be like your mom here and leave you with these important beauty and fashion tips:

1. Wear clothes that aren't too loose so you won't look too casual, and aren't too tight so you won't look uncomfortable.
2. If you have long hair, pull it up in a sleek pony because neat hair spells PROFESSIONALISM. If you have short hair, apply a setting product that will keep kinks in place.
3. Neutral eyeshadow colors are the safest because if you go for black, you'll come off too strong and if you go for colorful shades, you'll weird out the interviewer.
4. Nothing looks more formal than a polo shirt, pencil skirt/well- fitting slacks, and black shoes. Don't go for revealing tops and skimpy bottoms. The way you dress will give them the impression how serious you are on getting the job. (or not)
5. Don't attempt to color- block. You're not applying for a fashion blogger position. This is an office.
6. Accessorize. Don't excessorize.
7. Make sure your digits are clean. If you have chipped polish, run to a convenience store and remove them! Don't forget to slather on hand lotion for healthy- looking hands.
8. Stilettos are cool, but in the office, they prefer kitten- wedge heels. Again, you're not applying for a fashion blogger position. This is the office.
9. Before entering the room, check if you have lipstick stains on your teeth. Oh, while you're at it, don't forget to blot your T-Zone.
10. Wear a warm floral perfume because it's a fragrance that symbolizes a grown woman, (at least to me) but don't overdose with it!

Now you're all set! Go snag that job! Good luck! :)

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Very useful tips Martha! As an interviewer for a corporate office, these are pretty much spot on.

  2. ohhh my! i'll be having my sked interview on saturday! THANKYOU for these tips, ms martha! xx

  3. i haven't graduated yet but i can feel the pressure thanks for this tips ms. m! these will really help the fresh graduates..atleast for me when i gradute, there's not much pressure as im already working now (online) to pay for my tuition.hehe..although i haven't worked in a real office yet, i think i prefer online work as i can choose my own it bad to think that way?hehe :D

  4. You look great. I won't advise red lipstick in general though. Many interviewers are conservative.

  5. My go-to outfit during job interviews has always been simple: crisp white shirt, well-fitting jeans, and office appropriate heels. I don't wear any other accessories aside from plain stud earrings. However, I always make it a point to stand out with bright lipstick.

    Simple clothes + Bright lipstick + Confidence + Ms. Universe-worthy answers(lol) have always worked for me.

    I'm happy that so far my technique has not let me down :)

  6. I like the lighting on the left photo :) I agree, red lipstick goes so well with simple eye makeup.

  7. Thanks for the tips Ms M! I was once a recruiter in a previous job and let me just share that strong perfume and makeup do more harm than good. Of course, recruiters and interviewers look beyond the physical image but still, the wrong first impression can hinder a possible job offer for the interviewee.

  8. Yay a very helpful post for those who is newly grad and looking for new job =)

    I agree with the use of neutral e/s when you were into job interview

    thanks for the tips ms m (this article should be included in jobstreet website =)

  9. wow, there's a big difference on the price of the products but both look really beautiful! :)

  10. Becoming Sleek: Cool! Glad I said the right things haha! :D

    Issa: Yup! It also boils down to how well you can blend the makeups on your skin. :)

    Rhain: Welcome! :D Hope Jobstreet does that! :D

    Kris: Agree with that! Even with meeting with clients, these rules apply! :)

    Erian: Thanks! That was taken during a sunny day. :)

    BrownOso: Thanks for sharing your technique! :D

    Rae: Thanks and thanks for that useful tip. I asked my mom about it because she interviews applicants as well and she has no reservations with red lipsticks. :)

    Cristine Jusa: Thanks! Hope you got the job! :)

  11. This is so timely for me. I'm going to an interview tomorrow! These are useful tips. Thank you so much!


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