THE HIT LIST: 70 Best Products of 2012 (Part 2)

 Welcome to the much- awaited final part of THE BEAUTY JUNKEE'S 70 BEST PRODUCTS OF 2012. This part contains my trusted and favorite skin and body products, and makeup tools for this year!

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Reasons to love: Has no repetitive brushes; all brushes are useful; great either for personal or professional use; brushes are at par with international and pricey brush brands

Reasons to love: VERY AFFORDABLE; For its price, it has great quality because the brush feels sturdy and most importantly, doesn't shed; width and denseness of the brush is perfect for my taste

40. The Balm Kabuki Brush
Reasons to love: multitasking brush that can apply blush and powder; very compact; comes with a handy protective shell; small yet dense enough to apply makeup decently

Reasons to love: affordable; comes in different sizes to suit different tastes and hair thickness; lets me sport a cool hairstyle

Reasons to love: Yields minimal to no sting at all; EFFECTIVE!

Reasons to love: does not whiten skin, but lightens it instead; provides safe lightening of marks; has a soothing Lavender scent; perhaps the most affordable dark spot lightener in the market

44. Snoe Underarmed Forces Underarm Peeling Solution
Reasons to love: Peels safely and without the sting; easy to use; gets rid of stubborn dead skin cells

Reasons to love: comes in a handy tube; doesn't sting; perfect even for the most sensitive skin

Reasons to love: Packaging is vintage and cool; all- around multipurpose balm that remedies any minor skin problem; a non- sting remedy for insect bites

Reasons to love: has a cooling effect; gets absorbed easily; effective; can be applied on top of makeup to refresh skin at anytime of the day

Reasons to love: thins underarm hair; whitens safely; no sting formulation; unscented

Reasons to love: Easy to use; non- messy spot treatment; flattens huge zits overnight and heals them in as little as two days

Reasons to love: easy to use; maintains clarity of skin; cleans effectively; multitasking as it can be used as a regular makeup remover and facial cleanser

Reasons to love: gets absorbed easily; doesn't make skin feel oily even if the weather is hot; has a light and lovely baby oil scent

Reasons to love: keeps skin matte; gets rid of excess oil; prepares skin for moisturizer; helps dry out pimples faster

Reasons to love: pays special emphasis on UVA rays; has high SPF content yet stays lightweight and translucent; gets absorbed easily; doesn't feel thick and 'hot' on skin

Reasons to love: Fast absorbing; has a gel- like texture that cools skin; has a lovely floral scent; improves skin texture; illuminates skin from within

Reasons to love: affordable; comes in big tubs that will last you for a long time; Zen Zest did not skimp on the ingredients, most especially the peppermint extracts

Reasons to love: helps in skin renewal; exfoliates skin effectively and helps it get rid of post- acne marks in the shortest time possible; dries out pimples effectively

Reasons to love: affordable; revitalizes hair effectively; easy to rinse out; softens hair without weighing it down and making it feel greasy

58. Dove Shampoos and Conditioners
Reasons to love: affordable; very effective when it comes to softening hair; leaves hair with a light and nice fragrance all throughout the day

Reasons to love: non- greasy despite the fact that it's oil; repairs split ends and other hair damages; protects hair all day and keeps it fragrant and soft

Reasons to love: Has a yummy chocolate scent; perfect for people with oily scalp; sulfate- free; has no silicone ingredients making it great for people with severely greasy hair and dandruff

Reasons to love: quick solution in the shower for people who are always on the go; packaging is unique and beautiful; has a nice tropical floral scent; softens, cleanses, and conditions hair effectively; rinses out easily; texture of the product is lovely to use; innovative

Reasons to love: multitasking product: cleanser, treatment, and conditioner in one; has a divine tropical scent; gets rid of hair frizz effectively; keeps hair manageable the entire day

Reasons to love: softens hair even without the help of conditioner; detangles locks; keeps hair color vibrant for a long time

Reasons to love: easy to use and rinse out; has a lovely floral scent; keeps hair soft for up to 1 week; keeps hair color vibrant for a long time

Reasons to love: has a very light scent that goes away quickly, making it perfect for people who prefer their hair unscented; affordable; accessible; great cleanser for makeup brushes

66. Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer in Lavender Cloud
Reasons to love: A unique lavender shade; quality of the polish is good; quick drying

Reasons to love: The perfect nude for morenas; makes hands look leaner, cleaner, and longer

Reasons to love: My favorite red polish; has beautiful unique red glitters that show up in any kind of lighting

Reasons to love: Polish is very opaque; it's a nice dark teal shade that compliments dark skin tone beautifully

Reasons to love: Fluidity of the polish is very good; color brightens up any skin tone

WHEW! That's it! I am so happy for discovering these products, and sharing them with you at the same time. To another fantastic, exciting, interesting, and super fun beauty adventure this 2013! Happy New Year everyone! :)

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  1. great list! you really covered everything :)

  2. Princess: Hi there! Thanks for pointing it out. Actually, there is. Just omitted the new peptin lash serum reasons to love part. :)

    Miz: :D

    Belle: Thank you! :D

  3. im curious to the pinkbox donut bun but i was still in dilemma in getting that because its 129php~ still finding for alternative for that. :D

    snoe #44 i always forgot to check that one~

    gluta c whitening gel, its effect is very slow on me i use that 2x a day :( im on 2nd tube and on 2nd month still have hopes on that~ :)

    ill try to check out on other products. thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi girls! Thank you! Glad you all liked this list!

  5. wow! daming product lhat po ba yan bili nio o sponsor lng po sainyo? kainngit hehehe! :)

  6. I like all your Recommendations,I enjoyed viewing it.Where will I can buy the shampoo with Argan oil you mention above.Id like to find a Solution to make my hair,healthy.I have read about Argan but dont know where to buy.Id like to see more of your post.Hope you post more.


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